10 Things You Don’t Know ABout Vodka

By on August 27, 2018
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You feel like you know everything there is to know about vodka, but in truth, there’s a lot of interesting facts about this colorless drink.

In this Royal Elite Vodka guide, we’re going to look at what makes this alcoholic beverage so unique.

Most people misunderstand this iconic drink, and it’s a spirit that we often abuse with mixers and shots. Many times we take this spirit without food, but it’s better to have food in the stomach with this drink.

#1: Born in Eastern Europe

While you can make this drink practically anywhere, it first started in Russia or Poland—while some believe it started in Russia in the 9th century, other experts believe it started in Poland in the 8th century. There are so many theories!

Either way, they were both likely to have been precursors. Chances are, the distillation happened in both countries for centuries before they ever wrote it down.

#2: It Can Be Used Medicinally

Did you know that this drink has medicinal applications? The alcoholic beverage has been sold for a variety of cures anywhere from the plague to infertility to aiding arthritis.

Even in the modern age, it has been used effectively to disinfect toothaches and prevent poison ivy.

That’s because vodka has strong antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

#3: Vodka Can Be Flavorful

While distillation first arrived in Europe back in the 8th century, obtaining high proof alcohol could often be more difficult. Because the impurities were left behind, the producers of the drink would often mask it using spices and fruits.

#4: Not Originally Made from Potatoes

Contrary to popular belief, potatoes were not originally part of the formula for making this drink.

In fact, potatoes don’t even belong to the European continent. They were brought over during the 16th century from the Spanish Conquistadors who came from Peru.

What they learned was how potatoes could be used as a viable source in producing this alcoholic beverage, but what you really need to produce it is a sugar source.

Most of the modern forms come from grain-based ingredients. In fact, Royal Elite Vodka uses grains to produce their product.

#5: Drinking Vodka Cold Serves a Purpose

Ever wonder why everyone seems to store vodka in the freezer?

The actual reason for this is quite fascinating.

The drink has been known to have a great deal of heat to it because the distillation process requires a lot of heat. The coolness from a freezer tames the heat, and you see the richness in the spirit when you cool it first.

#6: A Mixer Drink?

This a mixer drink, but it’s not the kind that you’d think. This isn’t a drink mixer.  It’s often taken with a food called, “zakuski,” a Slavic word meaning hors d’oeuvres (either hot or cold.)  For every zakuski eaten, it’s followed by a shot of vodka.

#7: Less Likely to Have a Hangover?

Distillation achieves a neutral flavor and weeds out taste causing ingredients like congeners, which are a byproduct of fermentation. These chemicals is what leads to nasty hangovers.

Some brands will distill two or three times; Royal Elite Vodka will distill up to eight times–and the more it’s distilled, the purer it becomes.

#8: People Consume 100 Calories Per Shot

Normally, vodka will taste cleaner and purer than some of the other spirits, but it comes in with the standard 100 calories per shot. However, the science behind the nutrition with booze can be tricky.

#9: You Can Make It with Anything

As stated before, all you need is a sugar-based product to make it. You can make this drink with a variety of things like grains, wheat, rice, corn, rye, sorghum and quinoa. It can also be made from fruits like strawberries and apples. In addition, it has been made from maple sap, honey and dairy products.

#10: Why Does Distillation Matter?

When you look at brands, one of the first things that you see is how they like to talk about how many times a drink has been distilled. Every time that you distill it, you make it purer and higher proof. The purer that the drink is, the better it will be, and the less your chances of a hangover.

These are things to keep in mind the next thing you decide to throw a party and have vodka. Royal Elite Vodka is a great drink with plenty of flexibility. It has remained popular for so long for a reason.

In some of the colder climates like Russia, they drink it because it helps to warm you up. For this reason, it has sometimes been referred to as a winter drink.

Many celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe and Scott Travis have participated in events from Royal Elite Vodka where this alcoholic beverage was served on the founder’s private yacht.

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