4 Rejuvenating Beauty Treatments

By on August 29, 2022
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At Coastal Medical Aesthetics, there are many services you can avail of, among these are 4 rejuvenating beauty treatments. They have Fillers, Injectables, Lasers and Face and Body. Furthermore, for each beauty treatment there are sub categories which we will discuss in this article. Let’s now take a look at each beauty treatment and see what’s best for you! (Image Used With Permission By Pexels.com/Orhun Rüzgar ÖZ)


In the previous article (5 Ways to Enhance your Beauty now), I discussed the kinds of fillers. What this is is basically a non surgical procedure that uses the natural sugars in your body to correct fine lines such as wrinkles on your lips and smile lines. Additionally, fillers also plump up your cheeks and face to give a slight lift that makes one look more refreshed and youthful. The medical professional will know what spots or areas in your face will benefit most from the filler. The effects of these can also last up to 2 years if one observes a healthy skin care routine.


The second rejuvenating beauty treatment offered at Coastal Medical Aesthetics are the injectables. Under these are Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Kybella. Botox cosmetic is the most popular one and it is an FDA approved medicine used to temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines and moderate to severe crow’s feet. The next procedure is Dysport which is a prescription injection for temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows in adults. Similarly, Xeomin treats the frown lines as well. And last, we have Kybella which is also an FDA approved injectable treatment which destroys fat cells under the chin.


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Images Used With Permission By: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

The third rejuvenating beauty treatment from Coastal Medical Aesthetics are its lasers. Among these are Titan, hair removal and Clear and bright. First, Titan (or Cutera Titan) is a treatment for your skin to make it tighter with an improved skin tone. Moreover the best places to get this is on your face and stomach. You can even get it for your neck, underarms, legs and more. The second Laser treatment is Clear + Brilliant which is non surgical and focuses on eliminating signs of aging. How you may ask? by reduction on the appearance of pores, fine lines and improving skin tone and texture. Lastly, we have the Laser hair removal which is non surgical and painlessly eliminates unwanted hair on the body.


The fourth and last rejuvenating beauty treatment they have is not just for the face but for the body as well. The first one is Microneedling. What this basically does is it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars and photoaging in the face. It is ideally suited for use on patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin on all skin types. Second, they have Body sculpting which is is a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment that allows you to personalize your ideal body in as little as one 15-minute treatment. It eliminates fat and improves skin texture.

There you have 4 awesome beauty treatments you will love! Book an appointment with Coastal Medical Aesthetics today! Visit their Beauty Spas at Encinitas, Del Mar or 4S Ranch NOW OPEN and serving Rancho Santa Fe Residents or call (858) 705-4489

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