4 Stylish Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

By on May 24, 2019
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Eco-friendly clothing is getting higher and higher on the agendas of consumers in 2019. Whether you are looking to luxury brands or high street stores, the trend is moving towards greener clothing as the evidence that fast fashion is harming the planet mounts up. The goal of eco-friendly clothing is to portray how we want to look alongside our principles regarding nature and the planet. So designing, sourcing and manufacturing clothes that benefit people/communities whilst minimising their environmental impact is the way forward. And you don’t have to compromise on style to achieve it, as these four clothing brands have shown. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Álvaro Serrano)


The founding principle of SKIIM is to value the process of consciously sourcing the materials and components that every product is made from. This helps to minimise the impact on the precious resources of our planet at every possible opportunity. For example, all leather is sourced from sustainable suppliers who rigorously adhere to globally-recognised standards for society and the environment. As such, their leathers are a bi-product of organic meat industries, and tanning processes do not contaminate the environment in any way by using vegetable products in their operations. If you have any doubts about whether this has an impact on their style, have a look at this leather trenchcoat.

Cotton Factory

Image Credit: Unsplash/Janko Ferlič

2. ASOS Eco Edit

Online fashion brand ASOS now dedicates an entire section of its website to fair trade and ethical clothing. For example, the ASOS Design underwear range is made entirely from recycled materials gathered from plastic bottles and fishing nets. The brand’s goal is to produce nothing but 100% sustainable cotton by 2025, and they’re making great strides towards achieving this goal – currently, 34% of all fibres used in ASOS clothing come from sustainable sources. What’s more, they give all employees in-depth training about modern slavery, ensuring all operations are socially ethical. ASOS offers a growing portfolio of sustainable clothing at great prices.

Recyclable Cardboard

Image Credit: Unsplash/ Jon Moore

3. H&M

The ever-popular high-street clothing outlet H&M has a Conscious Exclusive collection that really raises the bar in high-street sustainable fashion. The latest additions to this collection feature clothing items for men, women and children that are made from organic cotton and silk. Furthermore, they are committed to having as many clothes as possible produced using recycled materials, aiming to sell 100% sustainable clothing by 2030. This is a definite way to affordably support sustainability in clothing and look great doing it! Just look at this smocked blouse if you don’t believe us.

Energy Windmills

Image Credit: Unsplash/ Master Wen

4. Stella McCartney

Last year’s ‘Loop’ shoe really sums up the brand’s dedication to sustainability and circular trading. Instead of traditional shoe-making techniques, the ‘Loop’ is made with technically designed hooks and specialist stitching in place of conventional adhesives to hold the parts of the shoe together. When the Loop reaches the end of its lifespan, many of the components are recyclable. It took more than 18 months to design the shoe, with only a tiny amount of water-based, animal-friendly adhesive is used. Adhesives are notorious for having an adverse effect on ecosystems and human health, so the brand’s commitment to minimising their use really speaks volumes of their commitment to sustainability.

There are different ways fashion can be ethical. They typically fall into three main categories: social, environmental and commercial. The eco-friendly clothing brands mentioned here focus on the environmental aspect, tacking the following issues:

  • Reducing fast fashion and damaging fashion consumption patterns
  • Minimising the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals
  • Limiting water use
  • Recycling and being energy-efficient
  • Protecting the rights of animals

The brands we have covered in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a rapidly growing trend towards sustainable clothing from most fashion brands, which is a genuinely encouraging sign that the industry is paying attention and working towards a better future for our planet. As consumers, we can do our part by purchasing sustainable clothing and helping promote the efforts of these environmentally-conscious companies. Together, we can make the small changes that make a huge collective difference, and with large companies making the effort to provide options for us to do this, there is no excuse for not helping to make the world a better place through sustainable, ethical practices.

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