5 Reasons to Travel to Hawaii

By on June 5, 2018
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With as many natural wonders to be found on the islands of Hawaii as there are, it’s no wonder why they attract millions of visitors each year. Here are five reasons to travel to Hawaii for your next vacation.

  1. The People and Culture

The people of Hawaii thrive on the tourism industry and have chosen to embrace it with the “aloha spirit.” With the natives promoting heartfelt acceptance and with the widely diverse collection of peoples on the islands, fitting in is not a problem. Hawaii is a melting pot of many different peoples and cultures with up to 25% of the natives claiming ancestry of two or more races. They are an inspiration and so much can be learned from the Hawaiian culture.

  1. The Volcanoes

From a helicopter crater tour of Mt. Waialeale, on Kauai, which was once one of the wettest spots on earth to hiking to the top of Diamond Head on Oahu or driving to the summit of Haleakala at dawn, Hawaii has so much to offer in terms of the natural beauty of volcanoes. The most popular of them all is Kilauea on Hawaii Island. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since January of 1983!

  1. The Weather

Perfect weather year round! While there are still two seasons, dry and wet, Hawaii still boasts relatively steady temperatures throughout the year. With light rain showers and cool breezes and sunshine on some parts of the island all day, you can find the perfect day in paradise!

  1. The Beaches

Take your pick of white sand, yellow sand, black sand, red sand, and even one green sand beach. The Hawaii Islands have over 400 named beaches, all public, amounting to over 750 miles of shoreline. It should be easy to find one perfect for you and your family.

  1. The Food

This ethnically rich place has the traditional foods of the cultures prominent on the islands such as Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Hawaiian. Your best bet for amazing, affordable food is too find a “hole in the wall” restaurant serving these ethnic choices. A commercial “traditional” luau is still enjoyed by most visitors though. And the island of maui is a favorite honeymoon destination for couples. Whatever you decide, Hawaii is truly an unforgettable getaway!

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