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By on November 15, 2012

Beverly Hills InteriorsWe sat down with the masterful creator of some of the world’s most luxurious and opulent interior designs, Mr Ron Dayan. Owner of Beverly Hills Interiors, Mr. Dayan is a Beverly Hills based luxury interior designer who studied in Florence, Italy.  He exceeds his clients’ expectations with his international flare to their personalized custom luxury interiors. With a vision for creating spaces that are a true expression of the owners’ personal style and personality, the originality of his work is simply priceless. Let’s find out more…

Luxury Home DesignsRancho Santa Fe Magazine:  How do you decide to work on a new project?

Ron Dayan:  When considering taking on a new project, it’s wise to draw from one’s natural instincts; both as an artist and a businessperson. Often, designers are carried away by the prospect of creating exciting new environments, or anticipated large fees, that they ignore signs and enter an agreement that could result in a possible conflict.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  What are the main reasons?

Ron Dayan:  When the owners express their expectations from the project from aspects of style, cost and time to complete, the designer, in his desire to please and give a good impression, may commit to unrealistic budgets or time-tables, and this could potentially a failed relationship, or even legal issues. It is always best to be honest, sincere, “real” and tell the client what they can truly expect- even if it isn’t the popular to say.  A good client will always appreciate honesty, and see it as a positive sign.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  Which project did you love to design and why?

Ron Dayan:  I love each and every one of my projects, surely in the beginning. It’s most gratifying when I’m given freedom to create interior and exterior designs that compliment the architecture and settings.  I can think of a handful of projects in my entire 27-year career that I enjoyed these ideal conditions. But being spoiled isn’t one of my traits. Ultimate Home Design



Visit www.BeverlyHillsInteriors.net to see more amazing work by Mr. Ron Dayan.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  What are your sources of inspiration to design?

Ron Dayan:  I draw inspiration from the conditions at the job site, the clients’ personality, the education I received in Europe and everything I have already designed in my career. It’s sort of a process, like detective work- A Sherlock Holmes of Interior Design; some of my clients call it.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  What are your references in architecture and design?

Custom Home OfficeRon Dayan:   Architecture and Interior Design are integral parts of each other, unlike what some architects perceive. They feel sort of superior to ‘the decorator’ but I have great respect for architecture and architects, and the results of my work clearly demonstrate it. There cannot be a separation between the interior and exterior of the house, and I make strong efforts to achieve the perfect marriage between the two and in my relationship with fellow professionals on the project.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  Would you say that your work reflects an “English touch”? (If yes, why)

Ron Dayan:  I hope my work is not identified with my name, or origin, since there’s no place for ego in it; and yet, I aim for the results to be a true reflection of the property itself first, and the owners, second.  The “English Touch” comes to expression with my discipline, ethics, morals, the depth of knowledge of centuries of design and rich cultures, as well as treating people with utmost dignity and respect.

Luxurious Master BathRancho Santa Fe Magazine:  Would you say that there is too much design today?

Ron Dayan:   My impression of today’s design trend is that there is a strange tendency towards extreme-modern, or ‘minimalism’.  When a new client is asking for ‘minimalistic’ design, I fear they are drifting in the stream of public trend, following a fad – sure not to last, and therefore, it is also financially unwise to invest in it.  The design of a property; residential or commercial is not only to fill up the space with ‘things’ but compliment its architectural ‘bones’, to flatter it to the point of increasing its value, which is something my clients enjoy when their houses are offered for sale.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  What is/are your future project(s) ?

Ron Dayan:  Exciting and challenging projects in Europe and Africa are looming and they are promising to be very different than any project I have ever handled. so I’m really looking forward to using materials native to these regions using techniques and styles that reflect a sense of drama and the “Wow-Factor”, much to the delight of the clients, I hope. Center Piece Fountain

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  The project you dream to accomplish?

Ron Dayan:  I look forward to projects where I am able to use all of knowledge and give full spectrum of services that are derived from classical European, sophistication from America and sense of drama, learned in the days of my London and Hollywood TV Set Design careers.

Rancho Santa Fe Magazine:  Your motto and design philosophy?

Ron Dayan:  When I’m commissioned to design a project, I can image and see it completely done, and then I set out to collect the information which will show the client what I see in my mind.  It’s sort of like being given the precious gift of a child, and raising it well, watching it grow and prosper as it accomplishes great things.  I have this sensation when a property I designed increases in value and the client makes substantial profits to buy even a more expensive home, one which they would not otherwise be able to buy had they not made great financial gain. It’s sort of a stamp of approval that the job was done right!


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