African American Hair Transplant

By on November 10, 2020

What is it like to get hair transplant services as an African American? A Hispanic would ask. Interestingly, even individuals from the African American ethnic group ask the same question because they are reluctant to get hair transplant services. (Image Credit: Justin Essah on Unsplash)

While much has been said about black hair transplant procedures in this population, there’s a little known fact about the whole experience. For example, do you know why a vast majority of the African American population loves hair oil so much? Afro hair has more lipids, along with thick follicles, giving it a unique appearance compared to those of individuals from other ethnic groups.

The thick and curly hairlines in this minority group could serve as an advantage or disadvantage. It depends on who’s offering the hair transplant procedure. In this post, we will be breaking down the details of the hair restoration services for African Americans.

Hair Transplant Services in the African American Population

As you may probably know, modern hair transplant services are never limited to specific ethnic races or communities. Whether Asian, Caucasian, or African American, there’s always the right solution for everyone, especially if you work with the master hair transplant surgeons. Many people would love to live a fulfilling life, enjoying the beautiful things that life has to offer while maintaining their elegant looks for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, hair loss swiftly creeps in as you age, threatening to destroy your one-time high self-esteem and ambition for better living. Many individuals of African American descent have been reluctant to opt for professional hair transplant procedures, reserving their doubts over the success of some of the most popular procedures. And the reluctance is understandable, considering the distinctive features of this type of hair.

Naturally, African Americans have curly hairlines that require specific attention and competence during hair transplant surgery. With the latest developments in the industry and the adoption of new techniques, advanced surgical procedures such as FUE and DHI have provided amazing results in recent years. Today, the curly hairlines in African Americans are seen as a positive aspect that goes a long way toward providing satisfactory results.

What Makes Afro Hair Unique? The Experts Have Their Say

Typically, black hair has a lot of similarities to normal hair. However, its most striking features include curly appearance and elasticity. Biologists state that part of the reason for this attribute is the fact African American hair has more lipids. Also, the size of the hair follicles is thicker in the African American community compared to other ethnic races.

One would argue that black hair is easily damaged with extensive exposure to heat. So, a hair restoration procedure in this population requires the utmost proficiency and attention to detail. Despite its distinctive features, a professional hair restoration team should give a desirable outcome using advanced tools when handling hair restoration in the African American population.
Hair Transplant in African Americans: FUE or DHI?

Even though the African American population exhibits unique attributes, the hair restoration techniques remain pretty much the same. Special assessment should be done beforehand to establish a suitable hair restoration procedure depending on an individual’s traits. It’s advisable to consider your budget, preferences, and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to the procedure before settling on a specific choice.

Currently, the most popular hair transplant procedure in the African American ethnic race is follicular unit extraction, or FUE as its commonly known. This procedure involves removing distinct hair follicles from the donor site. Everything is done under local anesthesia to minimize the pain that may be associated with the procedure.

To give a desirable outcome, the hair transplant surgeon should act with the utmost care and compassion to ensure the transplanted hair follows the direction and angle of the natural hair. Direct hair implantation (DHI) is another popular procedure that has given excellent results in the African American population. Naturally, it involves direct implantation of the transplanted hair onto the recipient site.

The Bottom Line

The African American population is an exciting minority ethnic group for many reasons. But in matters of hair restoration, the thick, curly hairlines stand out. Hopefully, this post clears all the misconceptions you might have heard about African American hair transplants. We believe this is the right time to get the restoration service you’ve been craving and from a reliable surgeon.

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