Artist Joshua Smith Art Opening Reception

By on July 17, 2013


Show Title: “Sacred Anomalies”

What: A new body of original oil paintings.

 When: Saturday Evening, July 27th from 6 until 9 pm



7946 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037


Gallery Phone: (858) 551-2010

Cost: Free


Artist Statement:

“My newest body of work is a collection of allegorical self portraits.  These works are not representing physical attributes in the likeness of a face but intangible virtues and infirmities of character and soul. The paintings are a fusion of landscape and still-life converging into an impossible reality that creates an anomaly of forms and space. This is a metamorphosis of spirit. Through the process of erosion and decay something new and sacred arises.”


Artist Joshua Smith's "UNION"

Artist Joshua Smith’s “UNION”

Artist Bio:

Joshua Smith has exhibited nationwide from California to Massachusetts. Smith first studied at the Laguna College of Art & Design, received his BFA from the Art Institute of Southern California and his Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the Hartford Art School. Joshua has participated in over 20 group exhibitions, many juried, and numerous solo exhibitions. He was awarded the prestigious “Best of Show” (painting) at the esteemed international fine art exhibition: New York Art Expo, 2007. He was recently honored in Paris at the Louvre as part of the Salon of the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts 2012. He received an award there and was the only American artist invited to participate in this event.





Joshua Smith’s paintings at La Jolla Contemporary Fine Arts gallery reveal a sense of risk taking and of constant exploration, done during the act of painting. They begin simply as landscape oil paintings, realistic, yet with a strong tendency to lean toward abstraction. They combine direct and indirect painting methods, observation of an actual place and the interpretation of that place through paint and solvents. The artist applies and drips solvents mixed with glazes onto the surface of each painting, activating the surface, sometimes complementing the imagery and sometimes confounding it. This process could never be controlled precisely; therefore the appearance of the finished painting could never be predicted.

Artist Joshua Smith says, “My landscapes are a medium of ideas, the intangible qualities in life that can be seen through nature.” Only an artist trained in the strict regimens of classical painting and technique could accomplish paintings with such a heart of abstraction.

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