Best Diet To Eat To Be Healthy

By on June 5, 2018
Best #Diet To Eat To Be #Healthy

Apart from exercise, diet is vital when it comes to preserving and maintaining good health. There are several types of diet one can take on depending on their preference. However, the best diet to eat to be healthy should consist all nutritional elements. A balanced diet is all you need.

Contents of a balanced diet


Carbs can be sourced from whole grain like wheat, oats and barley, yam, potatoes and yams among other foods and are essential since they provide the body with energy to perform routine functions. You are required to have about 45% of calories from carbohydrates.


Proteins are necessary for bodybuilding and repair of worn out tissues in the skin, internal body organs and muscles. Protein sources good for your health include fish, meat, eggs, milk and milk products, beans, legumes and pulses. Amino acids are a part of proteins the body utilizes.


Vitamins help in boosting the body’s immunity against infections and fight germs. Different vitamins have other functions like vitamin A for improved vision, D for healthy bones and teeth and E for a healthy reproductive system. These vitamins are obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. If you often experience indigestion, consult with a GP or consider natural home remedies for ingestion to alleviate symptoms.

Fats and oils

These act as a source of energy for the body. Natural sources are the best to obtain fats and oils and can be extracted from plants like sunflower, animal fat, oil from fish and some nuts like almond and groundnuts.

Mineral Salts

Although needed in minimal amounts, they are essential mineral salts because they help in balancing fluids and development of hormones and enzymes. They can be sourced from pulses, grains and most plant and animal foods. Examples of minerals are iron, zinc, and copper.


Water is an integral part of a diet and keeps you healthy all around. It helps in digestion and metabolism, prevents the body from dehydration and aids in standard body functions. It is advisable for one to take at least eight glasses of clean water every day.


Also known as fiber, you can get these from fruits and vegetables and some grains. Roughage prevents the occurrence of constipation and makes digestion process smooth. Unfortunately, roughage is not absorbed or digested by the body.

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