Best Little Beauty Gifts

By on December 6, 2012
Best Little Beauty Gifts

These little big gifts are the perfect beauty accessories to give to girlfriends, sisters, mothers, or grandmothers. That’s right any lovely lady would be charmed to add these to her beauty make up bag, and certainly show them off any chance she gets.

Laura Mercier lipstick in Portofino Red ( Pictured Above)

My new obsession and soon yours too. This beauty accessory is an absolute must have, in an assortment of beautiful shades. A rich creamy formula only to be out done by its vivid color and luxurious texture, this color is not for the faint of heart.  It’s for the brave, the daring; to be worn at the office, at a late lunch, or best for after dark fashion and style. The occasion really does not matter, so bat your lashes, pull at the loose strand of hair behind your ear and smile wide. It’s an eye catcher and a crowd pleaser.
Pure Radiance, Keeping your Skin Glowing, Radiant & Healthy

Best Little Beauty Gifts

Best Little Beauty Gifts

Boom Boom Pow Nail Lacquer- Deborah Lippman

Instant mood changer. Glitter in silvers, blues, champagnes and gold’s say its time to party. It’s the perfect little big gift to give. It’s simple and thoughtful. Deborah Lippman nail lacquers come in a multitude of shades, to enhance your fashion, style, and beauty any day of the week! My favorite is the liquid gold, better known as Boom Boom Pow. The name says it all, you look once, look again and the dazzling glitter captures attention and lightens the mood. Get both of these sensational luxury beauty products and start shining brighter today!

~Annie Maciel

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