Best Tools To Start A Paper Quilling Project

By on February 6, 2019
Best Tools To Start A Paper Quilling Project #rsfmag #activities #ranchosantafe #papercraft #paperquilling #quilling

Besides cutting paper to create different shapes, you can twist and fold paper strips to create beautiful shapes and designs for craftwork. This is a special type of craft known as Quilling that uses the versatility of paper for craft work. Quilling demonstrates the beauty of paper crafting and has made a great comeback to boost card making and scrapbooking.

Quilling might appear quite intimidating but if you have the basic inclination in crafting it is not as difficult as it seems to be. On the contrary, it is rather easy to master the basics only if you have the right supplies lined up. The Darice Quilling kit comprising of 271 pieces of assorted items including some tools should give enough encouragement to start a project. However, if you want to get a feel of the things by trying out some basic design then having some paper strips along with some good liquid glue and few round toothpicks would do good for creating some elementary designs that give you the confidence to try out complex ones at a later stage. Here is a list of tools and tackles that you need to start the project.

Quilling board

Forming spirals from paper strips by rolling is the primary method of creating designs, and you must maintain the uniform size of different designs for which a quilling board is essential. The board consists of various sizes of circles, and you can roll a strip of paper very tightly, place it in one circle that suits the size of the design and then allow it to open up so that it acquires the size of the circle. Besides the circles, there is a large vacant space on the quilling at one corner so that you can try out different designs of the basic shape.

Best Tools To Start A Paper Quilling Project #rsfmag #activities #ranchosantafe #papercraft #paperquilling #quilling Paper quilling strips

Pre-cut colourful paper strips that come in bundles are the main ingredients for quilling. Sometimes, it comes in cut lengths in transparent plastic tubes. The strips made from lightweight paper that is easy to roll and glue for attaching to the design. You might create your own paper strips by cutting it from patterned paper sheets or card stock but for quick designing readymade strips are always better.

Slotted quilling tool

The slotted end tool facilitates rolling paper strips conveniently by placing one end of the paper strip into the tool that remains fixed and then rolling the open end to make a coil. Only regular weight paper strips work with the tool and card stock being too thick does not fit into the tool.

Piercer tool and toothpicks

These are alternatives to slotted quilling tool if you are using too thick paper strips. The piercing tool or tooth pick helps to wound the strips around it to form a roll. The toothpicks are useful when using glue.

Having the paper strip roll ready, add a drop of liquid glue to the open end of the coil to hold the roll in place.

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