Casual Style with Sophistication

By on January 30, 2013
Casual Style with Sophistication

In the fashion world, true fashion style has to have a combination of uniqueness, boldness, and brightness. For this sophisticated casual look, we created a combo of bold colors with elegant shoes and accessories, which give this style the fashion model vibe that every lovely lady looks for. In the fashion world, being casual means looking fabulous no matter where you go. You can achieve this with some of our fashion tips. Tory Burch created this winning number, a pineapple yellow Simone Fine knitted sweater that goes great with any pant color. For a more casual style, we love these Gerad Darel flared jeans that will hug your hips perfectly and drape on your heels very nicely. You’ll notice this fashion magazine favorite style has a gold undertone which shines in every item of this ensemble from top to heels. These black suede Saint Laurent Paris triple strapped stiletto heels originally from Italy will take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary! To complete this casual style with sophistication add the Michael Kors Gia studded clutch. It is an absolute fashion must have, for casual get-togethers or more formal evening events too.

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