Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification

By on January 22, 2019
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Earning the Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification is perhaps an ideal way for preparing a great and successful career, especially if you are interested in networking. This is definitely a great reason because everyone is looking forward to gaining success. However, there is more than a single advantage associated with the CCNA routing and switching certification. Given below is a list of the reasons as to why you should definitely get the certification in order to boost your networking career.

You are going to be certified by the greatest networking leader

Cisco has been responsible for pioneering the switching and routing technologies. It is continuing to lead the path along with a great market share, which is spread across numerous industries. The huge majority of the internet traffic is responsible for traveling over the network pathways, which are built by the products of Cisco infrastructure. If you have received training and you gain certification to work with the Cisco products, the skills that you have already developed are going to be extremely marketable and in demand, it is going to be helpful for you in the long run.

Certification is considered to be a foundation of a networking career

Since the inception of the CCNA program, the Cisco certifications are being coveted by the network engineers as well as employers in different parts of the world. It is believed that the Cisco skills can help a person to get a better job as the employers are considering them to be the key skills when hiring employees. According to, the Cisco skills are expected more from the employees in comparison to the 97% other skills. Understanding the protocols, as well as network infrastructure, and the manner, in which they are working together have been relevant always.

However, this need is currently intensifying. The Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification is responsible for providing the adequate knowledge to the individuals along with the required expertise, which will allow them to succeed in their networking career, even when the technologies are evolving continuously. This program will help in educating you about installing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the products, as and when necessary.

Certification is going to provide more options for your career

With the help of this certification, your career path is going to have limitless possibilities. It has been discovered that almost seven organizations out of 10 are constantly looking for the CCNA certification when they are promoting or hiring. With the help of Cisco, you will be able to continue upward side by side with switching and routing track. Moreover, you are going to progress through various expert as well as professional levels. You also have the option of applying the primary skills in technological fields like the data center, collaboration, cloud, network programmability, security, and even wireless. These specialties are responsible for pushing IT forward. With the help of Cisco, you are going to be prepared in a unique manner for taking care of your career, irrespective of the field you are going in.

Certification prepares the individuals for network evolution

Each and every business is transforming with the help of digitization. The manual processes of operating the traditional networks have given way to the software-driven network architectures, which is dependent on automation, visualization, management of cloud service, analytics, and moreover, enhances the capability of this architecture. The recent researches have revealed that the architects and network engineers are responsible for certain significant IT roles for supporting all these crucial changes.

Professionals who are looking forward to gaining advancement in IT networking have to embrace this amazing shift. Cisco has also introduced the Digital Network Architecture or DNA for exploiting the power of the network of today and is also responsible for helping individuals align with it, and this starts with CCNA Switching and Routing. You need to get an idea about the Cisco salary that you are going to receive as well, on basis of this certification.

Certification helps in keeping individuals current on various latest technology upgrades

Along with the major shifts in the nature of architecture like Cisco DNA, Cisco is responsible for continuously serving the changes going on in the entire IT landscape for numerous technological developments, which are responsible for impacting the certifications as well as the job role for networking professionals. CCNA Switching and Routing is not an exception as well. Cisco has revised the curriculum lately and has incorporated the understanding of the QoS elements, along with the applicability, interactions, as well as the network function of firewalls, wireless controllers, and also, the access points. Cisco also focuses on the basic security of a network as well as IPv6.

This certification allows you to stand out

By obtaining the Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification, you are going to signify that you are interested in excelling. The managers have started noticing this initiative. It has also been discovered that 82% of the leaders, who believe in digital transformation, have the belief that people who have this certification help in accelerating innovation. The fact that cannot be denied is that the potential employers are constantly using the Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification as an important criterion for hiring candidates for their organization.

The certification helps in learning from the peers

There is no doubt about the fact that more and more professionals are constantly earning the certifications from Cisco. This has led to the formation of a vibrant career development community, which is known as the Cisco Learning Network. This community has millions of professionals, who are responsible for providing valuable support by helping each other study, learn different things, and achieve the goals that they have. When you decide to become one of the members of this network, you are going to gain instant access to the study groups, peer-to-peer advice, training videos, and most importantly, significant exam information.


Cisco is constantly monitoring the certifications for assuring that the IT requirements are being met. This certification is going to help you take your career to a whole new level.


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