Climate Change Impacts On Freshwater Availability

By on May 15, 2019
Fresh Drinking Tap From Clean Ocean Water

When discussing the impacts of climate change on the freshwater supplies of the world, the mind usually turns to the problems faced by the developing world.

However, much of the developed world will also face the issue of losing it’s freshwater supplies. As the world grows warmer the water cycle will be impacted.

Much of the work to protect the freshwater supplies of the planet has fallen on private companies such as Magna Imperio Systems (MI). They have developed low-energy, environmentally friendly technology to protect the water supplies of the planet.

BY 2050, the EPA believes the Southwest U.S. will be in the throes of a super drought based on the consistently lower levels of annual precipitation seen across the West. (AtdsPhoto/Pixabay)

Evidence of climate change are seen across the world, including the fact that snowmelt in the mountains is occurring at a faster rate than in the past, leading to less freshwater being available to residents each summer.

MI believes it can have a positive impact on the amount of freshwater available in the future because of the innovative ElectroChemical Nano Diffusion–END ™ technology– method it has created.  Operating as an environmentally responsible citizen of the world means the END Technology developed by the company offers an efficient way of reclaiming freshwater supplies.

The ElectroChemical Nano Diffusion ™ System

Grant Page is founder, chairman & president of Magna Imperio Systems (MI Systems) and The Page Family Foundation.  

Magna Imperio’s mission is to enable solutions to help solve the world’s water crisis through innovative technology and services. The company was founded on technology developed and commercialized as the world’s most energy efficient, and highest recovery desalination and purification system for industrial, municipal, and defense projects worldwide.

“Our Electrochemical Nano Diffusion, or END(R) technology, is based on groundbreaking electrochemical cell research I conducted before and during my time with the US Navy,” said Page. “Our END® process systems set the new benchmark for energy efficiency and high-recovery which make desalination technology more available and affordable to the most vulnerable people and industries worldwide.”

Among the benefits of END Technology are the 98 percent recovery rate and the low energy use of the technology.

The water crisis which will affect the world in the coming years has already begun to have an effect on the freshwater supplies we rely on to survive and flourish on our planet. The damaging effects of the changing ecosystem and climate are already being felt. Glaciers and Icebergs serving as a fresh water reservoir are melting off more quickly than in the past, leading to rising sea levels.

Coastal regions are deemed at risk by these rising sea levels which could cause drought issues in the future. The Florida Keys Biscayne Aquifer is one of the areas at greatest risk of an influx of saltwater. As saltwater makes its way into this area and countless other fresh water supplies in the coming years, the technology from Magna Imperio System could play an important role in purifying these resources.

Reclaiming unusable supplies could play a major role in the production of safe drinking water for much of the world. NASA has stated the chances of a decades-spanning drought at around 80 percent for the western U.S.

As the effects of climate change continue to be felt around the world, the issue of reservoirs running low will be exacerbated by a reduction in the California snowpack which reached its lowest level on record by the end of 2018.

The END technology from Magna Imperio Systems has been driven by the goal of bringing clean drinking water to the people of the world ,as all areas of the planet expect to be affected by changes to the global climate. With approximately 69% of the world’s freshwater being stored as glaciers, if they were to melt completely it is estimated that sea levels would rise by over 200 feet, highlighting the impact glaciers have on the future of the planet Earth.

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