Collector’s Dream: Morgan M3W

By on December 12, 2013
Morgan M3W

Morgan Motor Company founded by Henry Frederick Stanley in 1910 is a well-known and iconic brand famed for its authentic and amazing classic cars. The cars produced by Morgan Motors is truly a piece of art and craft and it is one of the last surviving brands to produce cars that truly exudes old world charm and panache along with stunning and spectacular performance, a rare combination that’s truly one of a kind in today’s automotive world. The Morgan M3W is a truly classical and radically designed car that’s truly iconic and probably the only three-wheeled car offering such stunning performance along with being true to its classical lineage.

The design of this classical beauty is unlike any other motor cars available in the market today. The design though classic is low slung to aid aerodynamics and handling. The body work true to its classical heritage is made of tubular chassis along with ash work frame and aluminum body panels making it an authentic, honest and pure work of art along with keeping it light weight. At the front of the car it sports the amazing S&S engine adding elegance and cadence to the overall design and styling.


The interior of the car though bare is pleasing and the fit and finish and craftsmanship are awe-inspiring true to Morgan traditions. It features two amazing dials at the center of the dash-board. It features amazing start button beneath the aircraft styled toggle cover along with bespoke interior stalk. The cabin is well laid out and comfortably seats two occupants in utmost luxury. It has enough leg room and shoulder room. The steering wheel and dashboard true to its classical lineage is set higher providing a truly heroic and unmatched driving experience. It also features a small chubby boot at the rear. Overall the interior though bare and Spartan is well lay out, well-built and comfortable.

Morgan M3W is powered by the amazing S&S motor specifically tuned for it. The 1910cc V twin fuel injected engine produces 80 bhp of power and a healthy torque of 103 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm. Though the power and torque may seem a tad underpowered we have to keep in mind that it weights just half a ton and has an unrivalled power to weight ratio of 230 bhp / tonne. The engine is mated to a six speed manual Mazda gear box. The car is capable of accelerating to 60 mph from standstill in just 8 sec and has a top speed of 115 mph that’s truly remarkable for a car of this size and configuration.

The ride and handling capabilities of this car is slightly different from that of normal cars as it is three-wheeled and will take some time getting used to, but these dream cars handle well and is comfortable in the worst of terrains. The steering set up of this car is fantastic and offers accurate steering and road feel unlike any other car available in the market making the ride truly engaging and enjoyable. It features wishbone suspension in the front along with coils all around providing comfortable ride and handling.

Overall its one of a kind classical car that’s truly bespoke and radical in design. It truly is an amazing collector’s item that’s steeped in tradition and history and is built in a way cars were made a century ago. Starting at $ 50,895 it certainly is the costliest three wheeler available in the market but it makes up for its cost with its amazing design, styling and fun to drive characteristics that’s truly unique to it and unmatched by any other car.

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