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By on July 14, 2019
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Most event venues these days have an internet connection but is never usually strong enough to satisfy all attendees needs hence the need for dedicated conference wi-fi solutions.

(Image Creidt: cddu45/ Pixabay) If you are organizing a big conference, it is crucial that you laid down a serious amount of preparation to ensure you supply a strong and reliable connection to your guest. Many people these days attending events will expect to have an instant Wi-Fi connection.

If you are planning an event, these are the most important factors you should consider to ensure your attendees have an internet connection.

Supply & Demand

Find out how many people are attending your event. This will give you some ideas on the Wi-Fi requirements. Will you need a customized high-density wireless network solution to fit a large number of attendees or plug and play Wi-Fi hotspots will do?

Even if you are expecting 100 people to attend your event, you should know that in this age, people are likely to have more than one smartphone. Using this theory, your internet connection needs should be based on the scheduled number of attendees multiply by two, just to be safe.

Data Usage Restrictions

Installing a wireless internet connection is not the hard part of having Wi-Fi in your event. You need to control the limits of the network connection. Restricting the amount of data is common practice when organizing an event, or else, individuals will be live-streaming Netflix Original and interfering with the connection strength.

You need to have in place a reliable, quality Wi-Fi connection that will enable you to shape and control traffic while allowing you and your team unrestricted access.

Wi-Fi Dual Band

This part requires experts in wireless connectivity to guide on what is best for your event. Understanding the nitty-gritty of the Wi-Fi frequency will help you choose the right band that will satisfy your business needs.

The most common Wi-Fi frequency is 2.4 GHz. You will find it in the majority of public venues. But it has a few drawbacks. It is not strong, increasingly congested, and is susceptible to interference.

To bypass these problems, you can use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz at the same time. This way, your attendees will have a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection.

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