Soft Pink and Coral Style

By on January 12, 2013

This soft pink and coral style is perfect for every lovely lady .Get this fashion model style that gives off a fun and flirty vibe. With soft pinks and coral, you’ll brighten up the room and show your sex appeal with these great fashion and style accessories. We suggest a spritz of a light floral scent from Juicy Couture to give the ensemble the final touch.The key to beauty is to be subtle yet bold at the same time. Always have fun with your personal style by adding pretty colors to mix and match.

The colors will make the outfit pop, while the lip color and scent will tone it down with a hint of femininity. Jenny McCarthy gives the perfect example of how to wear your hair with this year long fashion style for every fashionista! This look is best worn during the day because of the lighter color tones. Remember to keep your lip shade matching your accessories; this is the magic touch that makes your beauty really shine…Voila! You’ll be ready to strut your beauty and style all day long, with this fashion magazine style tip, you’ll look like a fashion model too!

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