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By on December 18, 2019
details kitchen luxurious

A kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where people gather and partake in the tradition of sharing meals and experiences. As such, it’s no wonder that it’s the room in most houses that holds the highest value. (Image Credit: Milly Eaton/Pexels)

As time passes, homeowners are striving to create a more luxurious setting in this essential room.

Here are some of the top details that invoke a sense of luxury and elegance in your kitchen.

Granite Countertops

Stone countertops stand the test of time. They’re resilient and bring the room together, setting the atmosphere. Not only do they convey luxury, but they also withstand spills and stains that take place with the preparation of a great meal. It resists heat and chopping. In fact, cutting something on a granite countertop will do more damage to the knife than the counter.

In addition to the durability, the benefit of granite is that no two counters look the same. The natural elements of the stone create a customized look that will add immense value to your home.

Solid Wood Cabinets

The use of authentic, high-quality materials is one of the luxurious kitchen design elements that make a significant impact over time. When you install solid wood cabinets, you can be confident that you won’t have to deal with unsightly peeling or degradation over time. 

Solid wood cabinets can be easily refreshed and updated as styles change. For an extra air of luxury, consider adding custom front-facing glass or opt for a modern, handle-free look.

Double Oven

A double oven is a quintessential piece of the perfect luxury kitchen. This convenient feature makes entertaining a breeze and saves time. Use your two ovens for cooking a multiple course meal or for keeping things warm while tending to another dish. 

If you entertain regularly, consider adding a stove as well for extra cooking space. When paired with a range hood, your kitchen will be adequately prepared for fine dining. 

Cathedral Ceilings

Floor and counter space aren’t the only considerations for a high-end kitchen; you must consider vertical space as well. Open ceilings create a luxurious atmosphere that leaves room for other design elements — for example, archways and exposed beams.

Cathedral ceilings look fantastic with an open concept kitchen and allow the warmth and inviting ambiance to spread throughout your entire home.

Island Breakfast Bar

It’s hard to believe that center islands ever fell out of favor. With increased counter space for food preparation and dining, creating a combination island and breakfast bar will make your kitchen feel like home.

If you have space, consider adding a small sink to the island as well. This added indulgence is perfect for thawing dinner without taking up space in the main area.

Artistic Lighting

Custom lighting sets the stage for your dinner presentation. Finding the right artistry that adds the finishing touch to your interior design is essential. 

The options here are endless. Adding lights within glass-front cabinets can add a soft illumination behind crystal wine glasses and bowls. Industrial style lighting with Edison bulbs looks incredible against exposed brick for a trendy industrial-chic look. Chandeliers– either traditional or modern– can make any decor scheme feel more elegant.

Monochrome Design

Rather than using complementary colors, many luxury designers are opting for a monochrome design in kitchens. The most popular option has traditionally been a whitewashed kitchen. The upcoming trend is an all-black kitchen.

Don’t be concerned about the overwhelm from a single color. Adding subtle colorful elements add an eye-catching pop. Gold handles pair well with an all-black kitchen, while touches of blue soften an all-white cooking space.

Luxury kitchens are known for having plenty of space, a functional design, including accordion doors, and small details that set them apart. Incorporate some of the elements above to make your kitchen shine.

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