“Dia de Los Niños” at the Rancho Santa Fe Library

By on June 1, 2018
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On Thursday, April 19, the Rancho Santa Library honored “Dia de Los Niños.” Commonly known as Children’s Day or Book Day, this celebration recognizes the significance of literacy for children of all backgrounds. Families customarily remind their children of the importance of reading on this day, and make an occasion out of it by respecting various types of readings across different cultures, as well as utilizing language to communicate across various platforms.

In the Children’s section of the library, approximately 20 kids gathered after school around a seasoned story-teller and musician. Parents were seated in the back rows, watching and cheering on the kids as they sang and improvised skits for 40 minutes. Some of the children played the cymbals, while others joined in on the triangle and tambourines. Many of them took on unique approaches to creating sound, such as using cylinder cans and water bottles as drums.   

Aside from contributing exotic instrument sound-alikes to their makeshift band, the group acted out a children’s story from a book, in the form of a song. The director arranged the children to sit on the rug on in their chairs for this segment. She led with her guitar, and the children sang the lines of the book: “I am the happiest fish in the sea. Don’t you wish you had friends like me…” She provided them with props to hold up, such as the starfish, octopus, rainbow fish, and other sea toys, while they sang along with her.

This not only amused the children and audience, but it sparked some creativity in the children when it was time to read story lines aloud. A few of them began to use their imagination to add extra sound effects when asked to repeat the lines. The kids were animated and excited to be part of the presentation.  

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