Dream Cars: Morgan Aero SuperSports

By on May 22, 2013

Founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, Morgan Motor Company is renowned the world over for their classical, super performing hand-made cars that’s truly etched in history. Morgan Motor Company is one of the last few remaining car builders that are still providing cars with truly classical design cues and till date follows some of the classic coach building techniques that was used almost a century ago. The latest on offer is the enticing Aero SuperSports. The design of these dream cars is truly classical unlike other sports cars and has an old world charm to it that’s impossible to replicate by other car manufacturers. Only 200 pieces of this exotic dream cars are being manufactured making it a must have collector’s item.

True to legendary Morgan tradition the Aero SuperSports is truly a car of classic proportion. Aero SuperSports is a limited targo-top version of the famous Aero Max. Proportion of this car thanks to its classical lineage is huge. It features side-hinged bonnet just like in older days along with wide and flowing fenders and a perfectly encapsulated boat tail at the end truly accentuating its classical looks and setting it apart from other sports cars. The body of this classical beauty has been constructed entirely from air-craft grade ultrastiff superformed aluminum panels. It features a durable rigid bonded chassis with proven chemical coating ensuring long-term durability and an incredible ride experience. It features twin solid alloy roofs that’s removable and can be stored in the boot offering an incredible and exciting ride experience to the occupants.

Morgan Aero Supersport

Morgan Aero Supersport

True to the lovable exterior design, the interior of this masterpiece is attractive along with being incredibly functional. The interior of these dream cars is sure to stimulate all your senses thanks to the amazing craftsmanship and attention to detailing along with the use of sustainable and exotic materials. The passenger cabin has a layer of Ash hardwood sandwiched between alloy outer layer and the rigid aluminum chassis maintaining the longevity of the alloy body during life of the car. The interiors offer a smooth and premium feel to it thanks to the hand polished Ash hardwood and soft naturally tanned hand stitched leather which are beautifully hand crafted and is visually stunning along with a huge choice of color combinations to choose from. It also features detailed instrumentation along with a sporty leather wrapped steering wheel and ergonomically laid out controls. Exclusivity is guaranteed with a host of personalization options available.

Dream Cars

Dream Cars

The heart of the Aero SuperSports is the mighty 4799cc BMW V8 engine capable of producing maximum power of 367 bhp @ 6100 rpm and a peak torque of 490 Nm @ 3600 rpm. The Aero SuperSports comes with a choice of manual or automatic transmission. This car is capable of catapulting to 62 mph in just 4.5 sec with manual transmission and in just 4.2 sec with automatic transmission along with a top speed of 170 mph which is an impressive feat considering the gigantic proportion of the car. Prominent safety and performance features include ABS. EBD and PDS cruise control along with other standard safety and security features.

The cars manufactured by Morgan Motor Company offers a chance to indulge in old world charm, no doubt creating a cult status for itself. The Aero SuperSports offers an opportunity to own an exotic piece of machinery that’s truly a rare combination of classical design and proportion along with incredible modern performance and reliability. The icing on the cake is the removable roof offering an exhilarating ride experience in a classic convertible that’s truly unmatched by any other super car on offer. However at $ 310,000 it is one of the most expensive cars on offer but it truly compensates its cost with its amazing and striking classical design, superior performance and the fact that it’s in a league of its own and with only 200 of this exotic dream cars being manufactured it surely is a must have for any car connoisseur.

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