Leader In Environmental and Financial Markets Today

By on September 26, 2012
Leader In Environmental and Financial Markets Today

Kelise Ruth Ward was born and raised in San Diego. Her life path as taken her all over the world, having spent years in Aspen, Kuwait, Egypt, Mexico City, Brazil, and more. With supermodel good looks she has been featured in beauty magazines such as Elle, Vogue, People and Shape, and honored for her skincare and swimsuit clothing lines. She is also passionately involved in and owner of the Rancho Del Mar Surf Camp where she is making a difference in the lives of our youth.

She became inspired to get involved in the environmental and financial markets today because of the media highlighting the lack of awareness. Today, she notes, there is more awareness about going green. She claims, “It’s so much more than just going green…It’s green, it’s blue, and it’s our whole Earth and everything natural in it.” Kelise’s passion lies in wanting to see a difference in the health of our environment and the importance people place upon it in their everyday lives and businesses.

She is currently working on the Qualcomm Stadium project to try and implement business strategies to make it carbon neutral, which eliminates carbon emissions from its function entirely; carbon free. Some may not believe it, but it is possible to operate a business completely off “the grid”. This saves hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and preserves the natural processes of our Earth with no damages. This is possible by utilizing materials for the cement and building structure, as well as adding solar panels and other devices that transform the way the energy is used to make the stadium functional. Kelise is hopeful to make San Diego proud to make a statement of being environmentally aware and conscious enough to do things differently, and the right way. Carbon credits can be received for reducing the carbon emissions of your home and your business. Now it’s also financially savvy to “Go Green.”
The possibilities are endless for those who are willing to make the shift. “The world is already making changes, e.g. is the electric cars…It’s catching on. I think deep down people want to see a smarter world,” says Kelise.

These carbon credits are where the opportunity is… These are also traded in the market as commodities. There are ways to turn your awareness into a viable and highly profitable investment strategy. Kelise is currently working with her colleagues to establish investment funds for CCA- CA Carbon allowances, CER’s- Certified Emission Reductions, EUA’s-European Union’s ETF’s; buying and trading carbon credits within this fund on a global level.

For more information about this tremendous investment opportunity contact Kelise directly at 858-775-0901. Visit her online at:
Blog: keliseward.blogspot.com
Twitter: KeliseWard

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