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By on January 13, 2013
Fashion Magazine Style - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine

If you want to look like a fashion model in a fashion magazine, we recommend being bold with your style choices. We love this black and white form fitted dress by H & M, with smoldering red hot heels. Duo tone is always a winning style look, and stripes are the new black.

Look slim and trim in this beautiful dress with unique cut lines and a sexy design; it is sure to accentuate your body in all the right places. To complete this black and white look, throw in bold heels in any color; pink, blue, or purple. As your favorite fashion blog, remember it’s all about the accessories, so add the finishing touch of a gold, cream, or black glitter clutch to make your style go Va-va-voom! We recommend wearing your hair down with this look, giving you that extra feminine fashion flare. As your trusted fashion magazine,we present to you the hottest fashion and style trends in cities around the world today.Check all the fashion blogs out there, they’ll agree, this is the look that every leading lady deserves. Duo-tone is the must have style to have.


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