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By on October 18, 2012
Rag and Bone

In the Spirit of Winter Fashion

In this time of falling leaves and crisp air, we have kissed the summer goodbye. All the tantalizing, swooping necklines, bright geometric shapes and flowery prints are being traded in for fashion on the runway with big oversized sweaters, sleek leather boots and gorgeous knitted scarves and hats. With the winter just around the corner, the tides of style have turned and women of class and high fashion on the runway are ready for a show stopping transition.

The runway has already paraded some of the newest, most brilliant pieces of this magical time allowing fashionistas to evolve and adapt their look into this sacred and delicate time of year. Whether you’re spending the colder months on the go, hiking beautiful trails, dancing at glamorous parties, enjoying a charity event or just grabbing a fine meal in the neighborhood, Haute Couture has prepared quite the spectacle for all women of taste! Get ready for a perfectly chilled and beautiful wintertime-and the best part? The star is YOU!

Haider Ackerman

Haider Ackerman

For the more outdoorsy women, designers and their fashion models, have jumpstarted wintertime with a mix of casual elegance and rustic originality. Cozy and flowy poncho sweaters, big chunky knits and heavy furs play with thick belts and leather gloves to deliver a dazzling effect of the wintertime-in-the-woods trend. Buffalo checks, tartan, Navajo inspired blanket stripes and furs fit for a Nepalese trekker grace the runway with the illusion of simplicity and order, but reign in their rich complexity. Rag and Bone heavily belts stripped and asymmetrical poncho sweaters to illuminate the contours of the feminine figure. The designer pairs the cascading sweaters with various textures like lace and leather, presenting an effortless effect of comfort and creativity. Haider Ackerman’s deep ruby and garnet hues saturate loosely fitted coats that are wrapped with thick, heavy black belts. The look is completed with chalcedony hued, slouchy scarves. Temperley London took the folksier route, parading a spectacle of long snowy white gowns, tightly fitted and sprinkled with poppy seed and lily flowers. The light, airy and spring tones are off-set beautifully by pearl white gloves and large oversized Ushanka’s (or Russian fur caps).

Temperley London

Temperley London

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The showstoppers and socialites will enjoy the amazing mix of sparkle, glitter, shimmer, glamour and iridescence cascading forth from the elegant runways of Dior and Versace. Chanel presents a premier line of silvery wisps of sheer and wool blends, accessorized by arm cuffs and slouchy hats. Both night and daytime looks are illuminated by the brilliant touch of glittery stockings. Coats tailored with gorgeous silk lining and lavender scarves move through the various looks with grace and elasticity. Versace also integrated crystalline gowns. The dresses sparkle like snowflakes and icicles in the sun, their glittery translucence accentuates the vivacious extravagance of elegant, winter night life. Giambattista Valli, relieves the upscale glamour with more of an earth toned beauty and style, using a pallet of sea foam green and grape purple accents on expertly crafted and stitched dresses, some of which exude luxury with thick burnt green leaf collars. Giorgio Armani hit the runway scene with his presentation of loose fitted cotton pants and edgy business style silk jackets. The casual glamour captures the chilly character of winter with dark and blue pallets, reminiscent of the stark and eerie winter afternoons that are hauntingly beautiful in their peaceful elegance. Armani’s high-end models hid their faces under 50’s style lace veils, dotted with delicate and sparkling crystals that looked like raindrops on a winter cobweb.

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With the right imagination and invitation, you can find yourself sporting the extravagance of the season! When the rain starts falling, the nights are icy and you’re wishing you could wear a beautiful, flowy summer dress, don’t forget to open yourself to the wealth and glory of the winter season’s hottest trends.

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