Fashion Tips for Casino Nights

By on January 9, 2014
Casino Fashion Tips

Looking fabulous just might bring you luck!

We all lead busy lives balancing time between our friends, families, career, and other priorities, that stress sometimes gets the best of us. As the old adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—and since being dull is definitely out of the question, we must indulge in a bit of play. Nowadays, the most favorite way to play is to head out to the flashing lights and glittering allure of casinos (if accessible), which promise fun, entertainment, relaxation, and most importantly, prizes.

The games are not the only appeal these casinos have; a scholarly piece on Politifact reported that the majority of casino-goers don’t just attend for the thrill of the slots and table games. High-end casinos actually generate more revenue for their grandiose amenities like Michelin-starred restaurants, or astounding performances during live shows, detailed by former American Gaming Association CEO Frank Fahrenkopf.

Of course, when going to glitzy and glamorous gaming havens, the ideal situation would be to adhere to such dress codes but still standout from the crowd with your own unique style. Here are a few fashion tips for casino nights:


For Men
Men’s fashion guide The Rules of Style advised us to forget about the Brioni suits and Turnbull and Asser formal shirts worn by James Bond—these will not make anyone a skilled poker player, nor bring extra luck at slot machines. Instead, opt for a jacket, at the very least, as this is also a requirement in European casinos. Smart but casual is the way to go (think Tom Ford clothes on George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven), so you won’t feel overdressed; feeling effortlessly fab will show in your demeanour, and bring you confidence during an intense poker match.


For Women
Ladies always aspire to look like goddess’, without looking overly feminine and thus underestimated when playing across men at the tables. As much as possible, women should dress appropriately for the whole theme of the casino resort to be visited. For instance, when going to Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal (which is making news not only for its recent partnership with gaming giant BetFair but also for its majestic Indian culture-inspired architecture), something flowy and colorful will do the trick.

Fashion Faux Pas

Style blog Fashion Jazz was courteous enough to tell us what not to wear in casinos. Clothes which are not clean, not well-pressed, or otherwise inappropriate should be avoided. Men should not be found in shorts, T-shirts, or sports clothing. Women, on the other hand, must not wear skimpy or revealing clothes. For more fashion tips visit Beverly Hills Magazine here.

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