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By on September 26, 2012
Finance and Investment Advisor - Danielle DeMarce Stanton

Know Your Balance Sheet, Know Your Income Statement Intimately

Danielle DeMarce Stanton was born and raised in Sunny San Diego, and has worked in financial and investment services for over 32 years. She spent 13 years as a community banker, and the last 19 years as a financial advisor. She began as a new recruit for Merrill Lynch, when she was recommended by her banking clients for her professionalism and expert knowledge.

Today she maintains the integrity of her work by providing financial solutions for her clients that work. She is truly dedicated to helping clients meet and achieve their financial goals. Her commitment and professionalism to the cooperative development of unique personal goals for her clients form the foundation of their strong financial plans.

Danielle believes that everyone’s economic and life’s situations are unique and she keeps this in mind when providing suitable investment opportunities for their portfolios. She also recognizes that her personalized service is essential in matching clients with the right financial investments.

A signature of her business is ongoing communication which is a critical component of a true partnership and is the cornerstone of a plan that meets tomorrow’s goals without sacrificing the needs of today. Her clients are without a doubt informed along the way to meeting their financial dreams, and they feel well taken care of.

Daniell DeMarce Stanton is a recognized name is the financial industry and she has built a positive reputation by providing the highest level of personalized service while meeting the needs and goals of her valued clients.
Danielle stands out from the rest by being able to be flexible with a fluid landscape, and quickly reacting and manage her client’s investments on a daily basis. She understands that there is no cookie cutter investment model that works for each client. Every client’s wants, needs, and wishes are different.

Hers is a service oriented business, where her goal for her clients is to amass the most amount of money for the least amount of fees. She believes it is an honor to have the trust of her clients and to make people money. For her, it’s not a job; it’s a way of life.

For your personalized financial services contact Daniell DeMarce Stanton today at 619-644-1277. Email her directly at Ca Insurance License#0A43288
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