JETCLASS Classic Furniture and Luxury Goods

By on October 23, 2012
JETCLASS ~ European Interiors

Jetclass is a neoclassical style furniture company offering unique designs of home interior luxury goods.

JETCLASS Luxury Home Design

JETCLASS Luxury Home Design

With Worldwide presence, Jetclass furniture and custom luxury goods brightens homes and palaces in Countries like Russia, Angola, United Kingdom, Spain, Nigeria, Middle East, Benelux among others.

Inspiring, iconic and traditional: this is how we define Jetclass since its inception in 2001. Each piece of its collection is a new chapter in a book of stories in which pieces of unique beauty blend with quality craftsmanship of the past.

Over time, Jetclass has led its collections all over the world, expressing a traditional way of life and the soul of the brand. The warmth of wood and the craftsmanship of manual work bring you works of art and authentic pieces.

JETCLASS ~ Luxury Furniture

JETCLASS ~ Luxury Furniture

The brands passion for detail, visible in the details and finishes do not forget the concern for the environment.The introduction of smart home automation, incorporating the latest technology and allowing multiple functions to be remote controlled, surprised the market and confirmed, once more, the innovation inherent in the Brands soul.

View Jetclass design in detail in this video

Every detail of its pieces becomes a mystery to unravel. Fall in love with Jetclass. That won’t be hard to do.

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