Getting Fit: Build Your Stamina

By on May 4, 2013

Whether it’s the famous Tour de France or a Triathlon, you have to have endurance, will and the most important component; stamina in order to win, or at least stay in the game. Your muscles need to be strong and most of all your fitness should be top notch. Stamina is one of the key components that will help you when you’re on a mission to truly getting fit. Many believe that you can build stamina easily by simply running a few laps. But that’s wrong because if you and I could do it so easily, we should be world athletes and running marathons. Maybe you already are, but the point here is, is how important building stamina is, and how you can do it.

Getting fit by increasing your stamina is not a physical hurdle but also a mind challenge. You need to have the passion to succeed because that’s the only way you can win. So why in the fitness world is stamina so important? Well for starters it gives you energy to stay feeling fresh healthy all day long even after a tiring day of work. It keeps your energy pumping as well as boosts your metabolism well after your workout is complete. So how can we get fit with the help of this key ingredient, stamina?

If you don’t have a local track near you, can always go the gym and start running on the treadmill. When you run the on treadmill, I recommend mixing the speed and inclines thus preparing you for any unpredictable fitness challenges. Thirty minutes a day on the treadmill would be equal to you playing tennis or football for 2 hours. Another thing you can do is to start lifting dumbbells, start lighter but consistently with your training. This will cause your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently during your workouts. Incorporating muscle building and stamina training exercises like running, spin classes, sports, and swimming will all increase your stamina level dramatically. Exercises like jumping rope or suicides are also very important as these few techniques build your stamina and will help you in getting fit, and fast.

For more detailed exercising routine in getting fit and increasing your stamina check out this video:
Good health and fitness always go together if one is left out; the other won’t show its full potential. So make a diet plan and include those foods that are high in fats ( Egg , Nuts, Olive Oil , Fatty Fish ), sugars ( Energy Bars , Milk ,Red Applies) ,carbohydrates (Bread , Rice ) and red meat.

Perhaps the most important thing in getting fit and building your stamina is that you should have the will to thrive and never give up. Getting fit is a mental and physical challenge, that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, commitment, and great physical energy.

But anyone can achieve it. Anyone.

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