Grey Lee Designs “My Eternity” Necklace

By on April 29, 2014
The 'My Eternity' Necklace

For the romantic at heart, the gesture of love everlasting is an eternity symbol, a never ending sign of devotion, care, and compassion; a commitment to an eternal everlasting love that only Eternity can prove.

 A romantic symbol meaning “forever” – that’s what the, ‘My Eternity’, necklace represents. Eternity jewelry is a romantic icon that implies a love that is never-ending, a love that is pure and will endure all and is a beautiful sentiment for the special woman in your life.Rings have been used throughout history to convey love and friendship. Our eternity necklace symbolizes power and love for oneself or someone you hold in high regard. So wear it with pride and joy.

Created by Regina Chapman

Created by Regina Chapman

Inspired by love and family, Regina Chapman, creator of this unique line of jewelry that pays homage to those we hold dear to our hearts. Timeless jewelry that inspires and endures is the essence of the Grey Lee Designs brand.

 Regina ‘s love for fashion and jewelry began at a young age, growing up in the Los Angeles area. With an eye for design early on, Regina spent much of her time sketching and creating clothing and jewelry for her family and friends to wear. Many years later, following the birth of her son, Regina began to sketch and ended up creating a collection of jewelry inspired by her love of family. Her vision was to create a collection of timeless, personalized pieces meant to be passed down through generations, and in 2009, the Grey Lee Designs brand was born. Each jewelry piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted locally, making every unique piece a truly, one-of-a-kind labor of love. Each day she becomes more inspired to create one of a kind jewelry items that can become keepsakes for many years to come for those who appreciate the beauty of the Grey Lee Designs collections.

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