How To Adopt A Polyphasic Sleep Schedule?

By on January 29, 2019
How To Adopt A Polyphasic Sleep Schedule? #sleep #sleeping #sweetdreams #newmattress #ranchosantafe #ranchosantafemagazine

Polyphasic sleeping is considered to be an alternative manner of sleeping. In this kind of sleeping, instead of opting for the traditional 9 hours sleep, you can sleep for short periods throughout the entire 24-hour cycle. The result that you are going to get is proper sleeping periods. You need to know that this kind of sleeping schedule is not for all the individuals. This should normally be considered if you are traveling or you are doing a particular activity, which requires the non-traditional sleeping schedule. Few of the sleep experts consider this to be sleep deprivation, which is responsible for carrying numerous health risks. It should be considered to be a temporary plan especially if you have something important to do. According to, one in every three adults does not get enough sleep.

Maintaining the nighttime sleep

As soon as you decide to start the polyphasic schedule of sleeping, it is obvious that you need to choose an appropriate method on basis of the cause that you have, the flexibility of the schedule, and most importantly, the need of your body to get more sleep. Four important patterns need to be documented before starting the polyphasic sleeping schedule. These patterns include the biphasic sleep, the Dymaxion method, the Everyman pattern, and the Uberman pattern. It is crucial that you start with a particular pattern, which includes the night time sleep. This is considered to be a safe way of starting. Try to adjust to the sleep production gradually in order to minimize the various problems of sleep deprivation.

Opting for the biphasic sleeping schedule

The biphasic sleeping schedule basically means that you are going to divide the sleep into two important segments. The long segment should preferably be during the night along with the scheduled nap of almost 90 minutes, which should happen during the afternoon. Numerous cultures follow this pattern and it is also considered to be one of the healthiest options.

Opting for the Everyman schedule

The Everyman method is known to consist of core sleeping periods of almost 6 hours along with a 20-minute nap. This is one of the most ideal places of starting with the polyphasic sleeping schedule because it provides the biggest segment during the night. Numerous people are accustomed to this sleeping schedule.

Transitioning to the schedule

You need to maintain your new schedule for almost a week and ensure that you are extending this time, especially if you face any trouble when you are trying to adjust the sleeping patterns. You can also start by breaking up your sleeping pattern into three different segments.

Maintaining the sleeping schedule

You have to strictly follow the sleeping schedule and ensure that you are not oversleeping. It is your duty to resist sleeping even one or two minutes extra. This is going to help in ensuring that you are maintaining your polyphasic sleep schedule in an accurate manner.


Based on the requirements of your body, it is a great idea to adjust with the polyphasic sleeping schedule. Ensure that you are keeping the above tips in mind so that it becomes easier for you to adjust to the new schedule.

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