How to Become a Crypto Content Writer

By on October 7, 2021
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There are several reasons why one might want to become a crypto content writer. The most obvious reason is money – the power of money as an incentive just can’t be denied. Crypto content writers, even those who work remotely or on a freelance basis, have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money covering blockchain projects and the Industry as a whole. (Image Credit: Thought Catalog/Unsplash)

However, money alone as a motivator is not sufficient when it comes to writing. 0XPublish and the reddit channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies are excellent illustrations of this fact. If money is the sole motivation of content creators, as is the case for most users on these platforms who engage in a form of content mining, then the quality of their output suffers, as they only care about getting paid for the content that they publish – regardless of its relevance or quality.

Perhaps a more noble reason to become a content writer is the will to educate the public. Blockchain technology is complex and notoriously difficult to understand – even for insiders, who sometimes struggle with topics such as Layer 2 interoperability, composability, data structures, and consensus mechanisms. A crypto content writer needs to be, first and foremost, a generalist, who is able to ingest vast amounts of complex information and create engaging, informative pieces in a language everyone can understand. A crypto content writer helps the public to decrypt and make sense of blockchain technology.

Another reason we would like to mention is the rate at which blockchain technology is evolving. Alvin Toffler, an American sociologist and Writer, famously said that the rate of technological innovation is increasing – by the day. And we all have this feeling, looking at sectors such as Decentralized Finance or Non-Fungible tokens, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with news, events, applications and conferences. There is just too much information and it is tempting to just wave a white flag and give up. This should be a strong motivator for a crypto content writer. The crypto content writer understands this fact that blockchain is a fast moving sector that appears chaotic sometimes to outsiders – insiders even. The crypto content writer ingests all of that information, and creates order where others only see a Chaotic sea of Information.

Skills and Educational Requirements

What skills do you need exactly to become a crypto content writer? Are certifications and diplomas a sine qua none requirement for this profession?

Obviously, a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in Literature or Communications provides an excellent starting point. Graduates in Linguistics also have an advantage, because during their years of study they become acquainted with Languages in a way that gives them an edge over others. However, a degree is certainly not a requirement and is not necessarily synonymous with a flourishing career as a content writer. Of utmost importance is building a portfolio of articles, blog posts and, if one happens to be particularly prolific, self-published books. Just like developers are at an advantage if they have a proven track record in the form of a portfolio of published open-source projects. Employers seek and will gladly choose a candidate with a strong portfolio, demonstrated skills and a following, than a graduate with no track record at all!

A crypto content writer should be able to write pieces in a variety of styles. A writer’s job is to deliver engaging pieces based on a customer’s specifications, and stylistically speaking, a customer’s specifications can bring a writer very far from where he is comfortable or from where he wants to be. A crypto content writer should be able to write objective, data-driven pieces and immediately turn around and write a piece using an almost intimate, subjective “Voice”. This should never be a problem. Mastering different styles of writing is a skill that is honed with time and with practice – a lot of practice, actually. Every article or blog post should be viewed as an opportunity to improve one’s range of styles.

What is a Blockchain content writer’s most valuable skill? The ability to conduct research and gather relevant information from a wide array of reliable sources should be the most important skill in a writer’s arsenal. Any writer knows that articles literally write themselves once research has been completed. It is essential, in order to provide the public with pieces that are accurate and up to date, to spend as much time reading and taking notes than writing.

Cultivating Relationships with Customers

You could have exceptional skills as a researcher, and a style that makes other writers envious, if you do not have customers, especially return customers, it is doubtful you will make it in the content writer industry. You are not going to make it. It is imperative that you cultivate the ability to maintain good, positive relationships with your customers. Your livelihood as a writer depends on this.

A crypto content writer should engage customers and make them feel special, and provide them with pieces of the highest quality. It is important to respond quickly and adequately to every concern they may have.

If you do all of the above, there is no doubt that customers will feel your concern and your passion for writing, and it is likely they will hire you again.

What is Your Niche?

Should you be a generalist? Obviously, it is possible, and it pays to be a Crypto Generalist. However, writers who specialize in a certain topic or sector of the blockchain Industry, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Decentralized Finance, have an edge and can earn more due to the simple fact that they will be presented with more writing opportunities. Becoming an expert in any topic has a cost: a tremendous amount of Time has to be spent reading about specific aspects of blockchain technology. This is the only way to become a specialist and there are really no workarounds. After spending tens, but most probably hundreds of hours reading, researching and writing about a very specific topic, you will acquire the expertise and you will be recognized as someone with Authority – as a credible source of information!

Choose a Freelance Platform and Start Writing!

The Modus Operandi is simple. Choose a platform where you advertise your services as a freelance writer and advertise your services. It is almost certain (I am speaking from experience) that employers will not immediately knock at your door and that should not make you sad: this is an opportunity. After putting yourself out there, through a powerful profile, leverage any downtime to practice your craft, read and do some research. Doing these things is an investment in yourself and in your career. Once you start taking on contracts and writing professionally, you will thank yourself and pat yourself on the back. You will possibly be so busy that you will no longer have time to practice and read for fun! is a platform we highly recommend using. Through the use of their Escrow Smart Contract, which compels employers to deposit funds in advance, even before work begins, gives writers a sense of safety and provides the assurance that they will get paid once work has been completed and delivered. This way, Laborx solves one of the biggest pain points of freelance job-seeking sites. Laborx is chock-full of freelance and work from home content writing jobs – and perhaps it is one of the best portals available to budding and experienced writers. Workers can choose to get paid in the cryptocurrency of their choice, on two separate networks (Ethereum Main Chain and Binance Smart Chain). shines in a sea of blockchain-powered, freelance job-seeking sites.

Parting Words

Working as a Crypto Content Writer is actually one of the best ways individuals without technical knowledge can get a position in the blockchain industry. Crypto Jobs remote are not only for those who have the skills and knowledge to design, create and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications. There is a need to tell the story of blockchain, of the builders and their products, and this important task cannot be left in the hands of the makers themselves. Crypto Content Writers are an essential part of the ecosystem and as the blockchain industry grows and disrupts even more industries, the demand for good writers, especially those with a speciality, is sure to grow as well.

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