Important Facts About Sleeping Well

By on January 27, 2019
Important Facts About Sleeping Well #sleep #sleeping #sweetdreams #newmattress #ranchosantafe #ranchosantafemagazine

Many of us wake up with sore muscles every day. Many feel groggy, under-slept along with itchy skin and rashes all over the body! If you don’t get proper sleep and rest you might even feel like slipping into depression all through the day. Before you get all worried thinking this to be a clinical problem, there is good news for you! All this might be because of your mattress. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

Recent studies published worldwide have proved that work efficiency and mental health deteriorates if one doesn’t get proper sleep at night. Being able to sleep correctly should be a legal right and to sleep right you need the perfect mattress. Sleeping on old, worn out and dusty mattress is a strict no!

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So, what causes us to sleep badly? Let’s get into it!

Why bad sleep?

The urban lifestyle is all about living fast and trendy. It is due to this fast-paced lifestyle that we slip into bad habits. Everything for or leisure time activities to our eating habits are responsible for irregular sleep patterns. Excessive usage of laptops, computers, handheld devices, and television has side-effects that manifest through poor sleep quality. Caffeine and nicotine consumption also has detrimental effects on our sleep. However, we never spare much thought about our bedding, mattress, and pillows; the very items we require to sleep! Here, in this article we are listing all the detrimental effects sleeping on a bad mattress can have on your sleep quality and overall health.

Let’s get right down to it!

The effect on memory

Did you know about the fact that the REM stage of the sleep is essential to rest the brain which aids in the formation of the memory? Our brains are always overworked since all our cognitive functions, and thought processes originate in the brain. REM stage of the sleep is vital to maintaining the brain functions. If you are sleep deprived there will a marked decrease in the ability to form memories. That is the primary reason to invest in a new mattress as memory formation and retention is essential for us human beings.

Increase your awareness

As human beings, we are never really aware of the senses that allow us to function properly. The senses of sight, auditory capabilities, smell and touch are the primary weapons that we have at our disposal that help us navigate through our daily lives. Sleeping on a bad mattress results in poor sleep quality which in turn desensitizes these vital senses and decreases the human awareness leading to road accidents and mishaps while working.

Boosting creativity

Sleeping rejuvenates the mind and the body of all animals on this planet. You can increase the levels of your productivity and creativity if you sleep right and adequately. For better performance in sports, interviews, and tests you might want to get a new mattress.

Investing a new mattress will not just take care of the mental health and awareness issues but also overall health benefits including regulation of the blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperatures. These can all be improved by sleeping well, and giving your body the proper amount of rest.

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