Legal Expert: Stanley Prowse, JD.

By on May 30, 2013

Solving Legal Problems with Determination and Integrity for 30 Years As a Trusted Legal Expert

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to retain a personal and private attorney that has the expertise and knowledge to successfully take the burden off your shoulders and manage your legal circumstances with ease. Mr. Stanley Prowse has won the trust of his many esteemed clients with his ability to maintain open and honest communication at all times, to effectively manage relationships with all parties involved in disputes; corporate and personal, including high value divorce proceedings, as well as exuding strength as a litigating representative when the need presents itself. As a Rancho Santa Fe attorney and surrounding community legal expert, he prides himself on taking the burden off his clients, and letting them rely on his professional expertise.

His educational background is of highest acclaim, having studied at Harvard, Yale and Columbia Universities to acquire his JD, his B.A., and his MBA. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched. As a Rancho Santa Fe legal expert, you can rest assured your case will be handled with the finest ability and intelligence available; Stan Prowse knows the law.

Stanley Prowse has been solving legal problems for his clients for over 30 years, with cases ranging from civil litigation, family law, divorce, real estate law, business law, incorporating, construction, and more. As a certified family law specialist he is qualified to manage your most intimate personal cases with integrity and determination with your best interests at heart.

Professional Mission: “My mission statement rests on  two encounters with two great lawyers. I will know the law. I will be scrupulously honest. I will not leave clients with a list of options and no idea of which one to choose. I will tell them which one is best, and I will tell them what they should do. My advice will be prudent and economical. I will pursue their interests zealously. And I will behave like a gentleman, to my clients and to my professional friends and foes alike.” – Stanley Prowse JD, Legal Expert

When it comes to your personal and professional issues and disputes, it’s important to have a long term relationship with your personal attorney, and one you can rely on to always ensure you make the best decisions concerning all parties, in all cases. Stanley Prowse is that attorney you can trust. Call to schedule a private consultation with Stan today to discuss your life’s legal landscape, and see for yourself just how he does business. We know you’ll make the right choice.

What are you waiting for?…Your personal legal solutions are just a phone call away. Call Stan today.

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