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By on January 8, 2013
Sovereign- Luxury Yachting


 Introducing one of the world’s most extravagant luxury mega yachts ever built for the exclusive yachting world, The Sovereign. Most certainly built for kings & queens, monarchs, and the millionaires and billionaires of the world, this magnificent creation is made by the genius engineers and designers of Sweden based company GRAY DESIGN.

 Their philosophy is simply, redefining tradition, yet by the looks of their plethora of original designs of not just yachting innovations, but also custom concept cars and motorbikes, they are the epitome of tradition redefined.


Sovereign- Luxury Yachting

Sovereign- Luxury Yachting

The Sovereign maintains only three main decks which keeps it surprising low profile while upon the high seas, with impeccable lines borrowed from exclusive limousines and stylish chauffer driven carriages. Its elegance is apparent as well as its strong athletic stance that gives confidence of its ability to venture far and wide around the globe.

 The features list of this yachting world gift is endless, though several details cannot go unnoticed at first glance. Let’s begin with the wind turbine on the mast with solar panels that supply clean energy for lighting systems and reserve power supplies that can be topped up under the sunny skies abroad while the wind blows above. There is a retractable sun shade that covers the Jacuzzi on a hot day adding to the exclusive luxury lifestyle aboard this beauty. At the aft end is the infinity pool which can keep water circulating around the reinforced glass helicopter pad for an invigorating swim.  Thread lighting around the edges of the pool give a pleasant night time illumination to the yachting experience. This lighting detail continues along the length of the yacht and past the peak of the pilot house to give a signature illumination when moored offshore under the starry skies. Of course, there is an excessively lavish luxury master suite fit for a king and queen, and in addition there are 10 guest suites with provisions including a nightclub, cinema, gym and library. An exclusive home away from home!

Sovereign- Luxury Yachting

Sovereign- Luxury Yachting

 In true Gray Design style, the Sovereign comes with an optional custom built limousine that will park in the garage alongside the seaborne tenders. This can be lifted onto land using the on-board cranes whenever an excursion in style is needed around the port area. Powering this great vessel are three MTU Engines and top speeds are estimated at 30 knots.

 An absolute masterpiece; any yachting connoisseur would concur

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