Nick and G’s Restaurant, Rancho Santa Fe

By on January 11, 2018
Nick and G's Restaurant, Rancho Santa Fe

Downtown Rancho Santa Fe, notorious for being a low-key town, has had very little in common with Downtown San Diego. The restaurants have generally been more empty than full, and the streets quiet enough in the evenings for one to hear the soft wind blow and the crickets chirp. All of that began to change in the Fall of 2017, when NICK & G’s opened a restaurant on Paseo Delicias, replacing the former French restaurant, Ponsaty’s.

The Italian/Mediterranean fusion, which has added a great deal of traffic and style to the community, offers anything from seafood and steak to flatbreads and traditional Italian comfort foods of cheese ravioli and lasagna. The main dining room offers a beautiful and vibrant ambiance in the evenings, with dim lighting and ornate chandeliers, while the front patio allows for a more casual, European café feel. Locals and out-of-towners alike make it a point to stop by this new high-energy hub of Rancho Santa Fe for lunch or dinner, or even Happy Hour, which is available every day from 4-6 p.m. Sunday Brunch at Nick & G’s has brought yet another level of depth to downtown Rancho Santa Fe, where customers can enjoy live music while sipping on bottomless mimosas.

Plan a special night with your significant other or a group party. This Rancho Santa Fe restaurant is the perfect location to bring guests in to visit the community and enjoy a wonderful night of delectable delights, fine wine, and excellent customer service.

The food is simply delicious. The menu offers a wide array of dishes to satisfy the most diverse of palates. Enjoy Sunday brunch or romantic dinners. Whatever your appetite, Nick and G’s is sure to satisfy.

Downtown Rancho Santa Fe has a long way to go in becoming an entirely upbeat town, but the establishment of NICK & G’s is definitely a start.   

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