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By on January 26, 2013
Passion For Fashion and Style - Rancho Santa Fe Magazine

Join our passion for fashion and style with this amazing enesmble. In the fashion world, one thing is for sure, gold will never get old and black is always in! So we paired the two with other lovely colors to create a beautiful fashion model look for every woman out there who wants to dazzle them with her fashion and style. A classy Michael Kors green thin gold belted dress is perfect for dinner parties or business events, with an absolutely to die for Alexander McQueen jacket with added style shoulder and waist tailoring.

Gold is the centerpiece of this entire look, so you‘ll notice almost every aspect of the outfit incorporates gold. The Vintage Chanel bangle is the perfect piece to compliment the matching Christian Louboutin with red bottom heels, which lends perfectly to the Chanel purse tie in. Most fashion blogs would also suggest that hair up in a high pony tail with no bangs or if you have fuller hair, then opt for all down and straight, a very classy fashion style. Just like magic, you’ll have a fashion magazine style that every woman will be green with envy of. But don’t be shy, share your style secrets; after all…We all deserve to look this good!

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