Simple Style for Men

By on March 21, 2013

We want to show you how quick a great simple style for men can be. Usually one or two items make up the center piece of any fashion ensemble, day or night. In Rancho Santa Fe, where fashion trends are worn daily, you’ll find this classic style everywhere.

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Men’s style should always be subtle yet bold at the same time. So using softer tones with bolder prints is a great fashion choice when it comes to style for men. With this simple collection of sweater and shoes, you can get a sexy look that says cool and comfortable. We love this Vivienne Westwood Gold labeled stripe sweater in purple and grey. Using the finest and most luxurious yarn, she created this men’s sweater for all you fashion forward men who are seeking a guide to the most unique fashion for men in today’s fashion world.

We pair this sweater with these slip on loafers in tan by Ralph Lauren. Worn best with white or blue denim jeans, this look is a casual, comfortable, but very classy style for men. In the fashion world, sweaters are always winning look. So get yours today.

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