Star of Beauty

By on February 1, 2013
Star of Beauty

Get the look of a shining star of beauty! Taylor Swift shows us how you can get this flawless natural look with these lovely luxury beauty products. With these four new beauty supplies added to your makeup bag you will become a star of beauty. You’ll notice that she has kept her lip colors very natural. Try this Clarins Rouge by Lord and Taylor. It’s a kissable color that will bring out the beauty in your eyes. Use this complete coverage concealer pack for minor blemishes and overall flawless skin coverage. The four colors options make this a beauty magazine top pick.

Then make your eyes go Va-Va-voom with this DIOR 5 color eye shadow compact. Use the lighter tone to shade your under eyes, and use the darker green shade on the bottom lid, utilizing it to shadow into the crease of your upper lid eye. Then fade it out with the beige and cream tones. The finishing touch to get this star beauty look is the eyeliner and mascara that will make heads turn. Line both top and bottom on the exterior of your eye; apply 2-3 layers of mascara for extra flirty long lashes. Voila! You’ll have the makeup of a beauty queen and super star!

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