Style Guide To Wear Jewelry Every Day

By on January 27, 2019
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Every person has his or her personal style statement. When it comes to jewelry, sometimes people prefer lightweight, delicate pieces like a single-diamond pendant on a fine chain for daily wear. Others might prefer something more substantial that makes an effortless statement. Many celebrities and media personalities see jewelry as a part of their persona. There is no rule for wearing fine jewelry only on formal occasions or not wearing them at all during informal events. (Image Credits: Pixabay)

Seasonal trends are transient, but you can keep wearing your favorite necklace or ring along with different seasonal outfits all life long. You can switch them up with the help of layering or accentuate them with the proper attire. Selecting the right jewelry can transform a boring outfit instantly. The right neck piece or finger ring can help you project the statement you are looking for. Your selection of jewelry highlights a lot more than your budget. They can become a part of your personality. While we keep saying, “less is more,” it might not always be right in the case of jewelry. However, if you are new to accessorizing, that might be your mantra till you get the hang of it.

How are youngsters wearing fine jewelry every day?

Most of us relegate our pearls and emeralds for special occasions. Everyday jewelry should be light and comfortable. Pearls and other gemstone encrusted jewelry are rarely light or convenient for daily wear. Hence, it makes sense to keep the bling to a minimal for everyday casual events. Thankfully, most modern luxury jewelry designs have become less flashy and more subtle than the collections we saw a decade ago. After all, every fine jewelry has a fixed lifespan and to get the maximum out of them one should wear them as often as possible.

Fine jewelry has transcended from chunky diamond bracelets, multi-layered rings, and clunky pendants to lighter jewelry pieces that one could only find among fashion jewelry brands even a couple of years ago. Now you shop luxury jewelry online that go perfectly with formal wear like blouses and pencil skirts, and pantsuits. It is easy to see that the modern collection works better with a pair of distressed jeans and a casual t-shirt than an opulent gown. Even the most prominent brands of luxury jewelry have realized that the lion’s share of their profits lies in the millennial market. Millennials are notorious for their choosiness when the question of fashion and accessories arise. In simpler words, an increasing number of fine jewelry manufacturers are considering the likes and dislikes of the Gen Z and Millennial shoppers before coming up with brand new jewelry.

How to wear fine jewelry to work?

Your everyday jewelry can be your engagement ring or wedding ring. Many prefer keeping their jewelry functional. In that case, you can skip wearing a bracelet or additional rings, and go with a bejeweled watch. Bedazzling mobile covers is a recent trend, and no one will hold it against you if you want to go with a luxury brand cover for your iPhone. If you’re going to stick with safer options – a single pendant or a pair of diamond studs are perfect for everyday office wear. While choosing office wear, always ensure that the pieces are not distracting. You don’t have to accessorize for an after-office party with your friends or colleagues.

Here are a few pieces you should NOT wear to the office –

  • Large dangling earrings that are distracting or make a lot of noise.
  • Don’t wear multiple charms on your bracelet that jingle jangle as you type away on the keyboard.
  • Save the rhinestones for parties. Do not blind your coworkers with the extra bling.
  • Stacking a watch with bracelets is not a great idea. The rule of the thumb is to wear a bracelet OR watch.
  • Never wear more than five pieces of visible accessories. Yes, your watch counts as one!
  • Do not wear hoops in overly formal environments. If your office is a casual place, you can experiment with small hoops and larger earrings that don’t make noise.

Style Guide To Wear Jewelry Every Day #jewelry #style #shopjewelry #necklace #rings #ranchosantafe #ranchosantafemagazine

How to wear fine jewelry to a formal event?

For a formal event, you need to set aside a few pieces of fine jewelry that you do not wear every day. Remember, you want to create a jaw-dropping effect for all the right reasons. Do not overdo the rhinestones and cheap dangling earrings that make a lot of noise. Choose accessories that highlight your best features. Show off your jawline and high cheekbones. Here are a few fine jewelry pieces you can swear by during formal events –

  • Think about the diamonds, pearls and other precious gemstones you own.
  • Do not wear multiple gemstones at one go.
  • Unless your pearl necklace has a central diamond setting, it is difficult to pair it correctly with diamond earrings.
  • If you are thinking of wearing a statement piece, be sure not to wear more than one.
  • The way to highlight a statement piece is by downplaying the other accessories. If you are wearing a chunky bracelet, try not to wear flashy rings.
  • Many people go by sets of luxury jewelry, but be careful not to match every piece you wear.

Too much jewelry can steal the necessary attention away from your dress and personality. Do not let chunky pieces create confusion that downplays your personal aesthetics.

You can mix various metals – silver and gold or gold, rose gold and platinum, but ensure that it looks classy. When unsure, ask Instagram! Modern jewelry trend allows us to wear a combination of pewter, copper, gold, and silver with panache. However, not mixing the tones properly can make the entire appearance look hasty and cheap. At the end of the day, your selection of daily wear and party wear jewelry will depend upon your personal taste. It should be a reflection of your personality and the choices you make. So, mix to your heart’s content, but be sure that the result is pleasing to the eye.

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