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By on September 26, 2012

Mr. David Steel

As the President and CEO of the U.S. Green Chamber, David Steel’s uncompromising commitment to the environment has helped skyrocket the formally locally-based Green Chamber of San Diego into a nation-wide organization, as we name him appropriately The GREEN Entrepreneur. He is also a founding board member and CFO of Conscious Humanity, a 501©3 committed to spreading peace and personal empowerment to all people. Previously David served on the board of directors for the San Diego Entrepreneurs Organization. With vast experience in the green arena, David understands the importance of providing the community with the resources and networking opportunities of like-minded individuals and businesses to achieve their goals of “ Going Green.”

Originally from Miami Beach, currently residing in beautiful Solana Beach, California, David has always had a passion and respect for the ocean and the earth. And he wanted to give back, and be involved in preserving these natural gifts through proactive business practices.
“I’ve been moved for many years by the state of our planet and have been committed to creating an organization that can make sustainable business practices practical, beneficial, and easily accessible under the U.S. Green Chamber,” explained David. “Already, I’ve seen immense success and growth in these areas, extending from our home base in San Diego to cities across the country.”
His business mission is to empower businesses to achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability in today’s changing economic and business times. The triple bottom-line is always the goal. By adhering to internal best practices and leading by example, offering education programs to show companies how to do the right thing and be more profitable because of it.

“San Diego has been a big hub for the going green movement. We have more electrical charging stations for energy efficient vehicles, and San Diego is the city that has the most solar panel installations. It shows you that San Diego is a great community to grow a company of this type.”

David has successfully opened multiple city offices and expects a strong presence in Washington D.C. to grow the US Green Chamber’s voice, and giving members an opportunity to visit D.C and meet with delegates and discuss areas of concern; working together to see the changes we are thriving for.

As a member of the US Green Chamber of Commerce you will gain access to a prestigious network of like minded businesses and individuals to help establish business credibility and visibility throughout this national organization. You’ll also get the added value of a high level of trust amongst the members, working together for the common goal; the common good.

David’s passion and experience has helped the U.S. Green Chamber reach a number of ambitious goals as he continues to expand the organization’s reach creating better businesses with the best practices. His determination to create a business with a purpose that will not only change lives, but the world, is what marks his mission as the epitome of entrepreneurship in today’s business world.

You can visit to find out more and become a member today. Contact David directly at 858-222-2320 or email at

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