The Truth About Functional Medicine: A review

By on May 13, 2019

Before you dismiss functional medicine as something very ambiguous, hear us out. The field is slowly becoming as mainstream as any traditional treatment option owing to the increase in popularity and the positive results. It is indeed the future of healthcare.

The truth

Yes, it is entirely different than the traditional mode of treatment and therapy procedures. The standard model of care is something we get used to from the very moment we are born and is something we have come to expect whenever something goes wrong with our bodies. To find out the truth about functional medicine we need to delve deep, compare and contrast. Get more information at Active Edge Functional Medicine.

So, what is functional medicine?

Let us talk about the traditional mode of treatment first. Here, drugs and hormones are used as tools to combat a particular dysfunction or a disease. Conditions might be the case of low thyroid, high blood pressure or high cholesterol; the standard model of care remains the same. Whichever specialist you choose, the treatment remains the same, namely medication. These factory-made drugs make for a dose-dependent treatment; an approach that might not work for everyone. An accurate statistic is that over 125 million Americans are unaffected by the traditional mode of treatment.

Functional medicine is the solution to this tricky problem. From chronic disorders to digestive, allergic, hormonal and neurological problems; this medicine has a cure to all.

We have the five fundamental facets of functional medicine, and all you need to do is read on.

We are all unique

When you go for this treatment option, your practitioner will treat you as an individual with specific genetic and biomechanical make-up. Functional medicine addresses the person and not the disorder or the symptoms. Trust in functional medicine to boost the natural healing power of your body.

It has its roots in science

Functional medicine is genuinely scientific, and several pieces of research have been conducted to prove that it works. The basic science behind functional medicine is the profoundly rooted fact that all the systems of the body are connected through a complex network. This relationship is understood and healed from the inside in this form of therapy.

The dynamic balance

Functional medicine takes into account the capacity of the body for self-regulation and expression of the dynamic equilibrium that exists between the bodily functions.

Natural healing enhancement

It is all about boosting your body’s inherent capability to heal itself. A regular user of functional medicine can also help slow down most of the signs of aging.

Reaching for the higher truth

Since you are not going to be treated with drugs, you mainly take the holistic approach towards disease management and life, on the whole. The higher truth is reaching for the state of immense vitality and not the absence of disease. You need to heal from the inside, and you need functional medicine today.

It asks a few vital questions about the state of overall health for an individual. It’s all about the loss of a particular function, the why and the how of it. This helps in determining the root cause for a complication and ultimately, surer healing.

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