Tips For Renting Your Dream Apartment

By on December 8, 2019

The last thing you would expect a realtor to say is that buying a home may not be the best option for you. In many instances, the best decision you can make about your living situation is renting an apartment. Before you settle down, as you build credit, save for a down payment, or if you are not ready for the responsibility of becoming a homeowner, renting is the next best option. (Image Creidt: Leeroy Agency/Pixabay)

However, landing a luxury apartment in a competitive city like Dallas is not easy. Moving to a less competitive city is on the tables, but it is not always a possibility. In this case, use the tips below to find the best apartment possible in Dallas. 

Search Seriously

Any time you are looking for long-term rentals, it is critical that you take apartment searching seriously. The extra work you invest in the effort will help you find the best apartments in town, and you will net yourself a rental that is nicer than you expected. 

Hire a Broker

Apartment brokers are like a realtor since they help landlords find prospective tenants and tenants for their apartments. Some brokers charge a fee for the service to the landlord or renter; in some cases, both. 

If you are in the competitive rental market or looking for high-end rentals, you must work with a service, such as these apartment locators, free service. Brokers help you save time searching for and screening all the listings. 

Check Your Credit

While not all the time, bad credit can be as problematic to finding a high-quality apartment as it is for purchasing a home. In the modern economy, many people run into poor credit because of problems associated with the payment of bills after job losses. Further, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and short sales also affect your credit negatively. 

A few months before you apply for an apartment, make sure you pull a copy of your credit report. Getting this out of the way early gives you ample time to have credit reporting agencies correcting any incorrect items. In case of bad credit, you can get a letter from your previous landlord detailing your positive rent payment history with copies of your rent checks. 

While some will demand a clear credit, many others are more likely to work with you when you are upfront about any credit issues you have. 

Market Yourself

Whether or not you are working with a broker or have good credit, you must market yourself as the best client possible. In the current landlord’s market, it is becoming harder to negotiate for a lower rent. Further, you will find yourself competing with other potential tenants all hoping to land the same apartment you want. 

Give yourself a better shot at acquiring the rental by applying for the apartment just like you would ask for a job. The secret is to put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. He or she is someone like you who owns a couple of properties as part of their financial investment plan. 

Any landlord wants to have responsible tenants that pay rent on time, will not trash the apartment, and who will rent the property for at least 12 months. A long-term tenant means the landlord does not go through the expensive process of searching for new tenants. 

As the apartment manager or landlord shows you around the unit, he or she is busy taking mental notes. Therefore, do not get out of bed without showering and wear last night’s jeans with beer stains. While you do not have to wear a suit, dress to look like a responsible professional and not a party animal. 


When looking for an apartment, pets can be an obstacle. You may spend hours telling your landlord how well-trained Fido is and never pees indoors, but a single accident may cost you and the landlord a ton of cash. Instead, limit your search efforts to luxury apartments with a “pets ok” policy. 


Renting is not an item you can hold out until you are ready to buy your dream home. The more effort, thought, and time you put into your next luxury apartment search, the happier you will be when you finally move in.

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