Tips To Increase Website Speed

By on June 2, 2020

Did you know that your website speed can greatly impact whether somebody is likely to purchase from you? In fact, some studies suggest that the conversion rate of a site can fall by as much as 7% with even a single second of extra load time. This is before you even begin to factor in the fact that proper SEO can be harmed when a site loads too slowly. Thankfully, these tips to increase website speed will help. (Image Credit: Kevin Phillips/Pixabay)

Just as a note; we are not going to get too technical with these tips. This is because we anticipate that the vast majority of people who are reading this content may not have programmed their own website, or have no idea how to deal with the code for their site. This means getting technical would be rather pointless.

Change web host

Your web host will have a major impact on the speed that your website loads. If you opt for cheap, shared hosting then expect your website to load nice and slowly. The same as if you opt for a web host located in a country outside of your target market. Read reviews to ensure that you end up with a web host that offers bang for your buck.

Deal with images

Images are great on a website. However, don’t go overboard with them. Images can slow down a site drastically. If an image doesn’t contribute to the site, then remove it. Any remaining images need to be left in a websafe format e.g. .jpg or .png. Both are small enough file sizes that most internet connections could load them rather quickly.

Switch to a Content Management System (CMS)

Yes. This may take a little bit of work to completely switch over, but it is going to make your life a little bit easier in the long run. A good CMS, especially WordPress, has been optimized for speed. This means that it requires the minimum amount of processing to get a site loaded up. If you are unsure as to how to switch over to a CMS, then contact a decent web developer. They can help you out.

As a note; working with a CMS such as WordPress and getting a few plugins installed will help with most of the issues related to the relationship between website code and the speed. So, you are really going to be dealing with the problem without doing any coding yourself.

Optimize Videos

Do you have video content on your website? Well, optimize it. Keep it as short as possible. The best option, however, is to upload those videos to a quality video hosting service (i.e. YouTube) and just embed that video into your site. The result will be that your site will load faster because it doesn’t have to deal with the video processing. That is all on the end of the external video host. Of course, you now also have the benefit of somebody being able to find your company through the video service too. This could, potentially, mean a lot more business for you.

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