Top Benefits Of Giving Children Music Lessons

By on February 21, 2019
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For some, music is like oxygen. They breathe music and live for music. It is easy for them to play, create and master different instruments and vocal techniques quite easily. Others may need a little guidance to become masters of their talents. Only a handful few have the natural skills to master music at an early age and barring the examples of Mozart and Beethoven, there aren’t too many prodigies out there, who have claimed everlasting fame without regular music lessons. (Images Credit: Pixabay)

Why should you enroll your kid in a music school?

A child’s early musical experience will determine their lifelong impression of music. It will also help them find a way to express their creativity. Apart from these well-known facts, there are a few other facts you should know about music education and its benefits –

  • Children who participate in high-quality concerts, competitions and music programs on Long Island often perform superbly in reading and spelling tests.
  • Children who study music have a better vocabulary, and more advanced reading skills than their contemporaries.
  • Students with exposure to music in high-school often score much better on standardized tests like the SATs than those with no music education.
  • Schools that have music programs have around 93.3% attendance rate, but those that don’t have an average attendance of 84.9%.
  • Students with music education score much higher in English language tests and math tests than students, who never took music lessons.
  • Students who learn instruments at reputed music schools tend to score 19% higher in English than who don’t on Long Island.
  • A majority of parents and teachers on Long Island perceive music education as extremely important for their children and student respectively.
  • A substantial percentage of parents and teachers are of the opinion that the music classes on Long Island high schools are not enough for the children.
  • A majority of parents believe that vocal training and instrument lessons have similar effects on their children’s improved academic performance.

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Long Island is a treasure trove for parents searching for institutions that can provide high-quality music education to their children. Exposing children to music at an early age has positive effects on their learning, cognition, and memory. Research shows that the kids, who grow up in a musical environment tend to be happier, more confident and more successful in their life than the non-musically oriented kids. Parents often postpone music lessons for their children, until they are older to give an opinion. However, that might rob the child of his or her ability to acquire a new skill. It is much like learning a foreign language. Studies show that younger children pick up an instrument much faster than adults.

Why should you never wait too long to enroll your child in music lessons?

Some adults and young adults have rather unpleasant memories of their music lessons. They remember feeling uninterested, unmotivated or even despaired during their music lessons. The critical point here is not to make these lessons to formal and stringent for your kids. Music should not feel like a punishment or a chore. It should be refreshing and relaxing just as it is meant to be. These lessons should feed their curious little minds and help them grow as human beings. Whether it is singing, piano or violin lessons, it is essential to ensure that your child enjoys it thoroughly. By the time they are three, most children are ready to hold and handle an instrument. Of course, it is the parent’s responsibility to find the right size and setup.

Playing music and kid’s songs while children grow up teaches them to be self-expressive.

Why is vetting the music school and teacher equally important?

It is also their responsibility to find out which genre their child genuinely likes. In case they love rock n’ roll, it would indeed be a punishment for them to learn western classical. It is necessary for their teachers to understand their likes, dislikes, and quirks. That makes finding the right school for your child on Long Island quite the challenge. Although Long Island takes boasts some of the most prestigious music schools in the state, all of them are not equal, and all of them might not be ideal for your precious little one. Apart from the infrastructure that allows them to follow formal classes, learn music theory and learn to play an instrument, it is imperative that you find them an instructor, who takes a real interest in their talent.

How does music secure the future of your child?

Enrolling them in music schools at an early age also increases their chances of securing admission to a prestigious college in the future. Children, who learn music from an early age of about three have twice the possibility of getting into reputed music colleges like The Julliard School and Berkley College of Music. Learning music increases their career options and gives them the skill set necessary to find success later in life.

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