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By on March 4, 2019

Curly hair has the potential to look gorgeous in almost every length and hairdo. However, the lack of time and the unavailability of the right hair products make curly hair unruly, rough and matted. It is a growing trend among women to either permanently straighten out their curls or hide them under wigs and weaves.

How to accentuate the natural beauty of your hair?

You should not have to hide the natural beauty of your mane, especially when you have the option of adding volume, length and try different updos. Long curly hair is much easier to manage than bobbed curly hair. The chances of having bad-hair days are automatically less when you can tie your unruly mane. While you should definitely consider some tips and tricks on growing out your natural hair as the conventional option, growing it long can take some time, so hair extensions are the best interim solution. (Image Credit: Family Photo Studio/Pixabay)

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait months on end for your hair to grow. You can add curly hair extensions to your existing hair length whenever you want to flaunt long waist-length hair or tie it up in a formal bun. The only challenge here is to find the right texture of curls and the exact color of extensions for your naturally curly hair. Curls can be of different types that can range from beach waves to super kinky coarse. If you want an exact match, you should consult your hair stylist and check out the hair extensions especially for curly haired lasses.

There are only two options of material for hair extensions – natural and synthetic.

Natural hair curly extensions

When a seller mentions natural extensions, he or she means human hair. As you can see, each person has different hair types. Even a single individual can have more than one hair type and curl patterns. Therefore, if you want to have completely natural looking extensions, it is imperative for you to consult an expert before investing.

Indian Remy hair is the shiniest and healthiest human hair available. You can choose between European human hair and Malaysian hair too. These are the cheaper than pure Indian hair, but they are 100% natural and resistant to heat treatments, straightening and diffusion techniques.

Synthetic hair extensions for curly hair

Synthetic hair is cheap, and it is ideal if you want to wear your extensions once in a while within a short duration. Since it consists of different fiber types, it might have bright sheen and texture. Matching synthetic extensions and wigs to your natural hair is next to impossible. They usually come with a polymer coat that makes them extra shiny and artificial to the touch. However, you should try out budget-friendly extensions before you want to go all out on human hair extensions.

Whether you want clip-in extensions or permanent ones, you need to speak with a professional hair stylist if you are serious about investing in human hair extensions. Your hair expert may have to relax your curls or perm them to match the curl of your new all-natural hair extensions. You can add new dimensions to your hairstyle by lowlighting or highlighting the new extension, without really damaging your natural hair.

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