Traditional Dol Hanbok vs Modern Dol Hanbok

By on November 15, 2020
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What are Dol Hanboks?

Dol Hanboks are baby hanboks that are worn by Korean babies for their first korean birthday celebration called Doljanchi. Doljanchi is a time for parents to celebrate the baby’s survival because in the past, many babies weren’t fortunate to survive up to their first year, and provide ample blessings to the baby. A Dol hanbok is traditionally worn by the baby for their Doljanchi and includes an upper piece called a jeogori that’s covered by a vest and pants that’s made to fit comfortably. (Image Credit: 1035352/Pixabay)

Hanboks in the past were general clothes for people and most did not have more than 1 set, so they were designed with comfort and flexibility in mind. The fit of traditional hanboks has transferred to modern dol hanboks.

What are Traditional Dol Hanboks?

Traditional Dol hanboks are generally bright color hanboks relative to adult hanboks. The clothes that a baby wore on the day he becomes a first born baby is traditionally called Dol hanbok. The dol hanboks worn by boys and girls are different.

The boy wore windmill pants, which were built with a long piece of cloth called “pungcha,” a saekdong jeogori which is a long sleeve shirt with colorful stripe sleeves, an indigo vest, and a Dol belt. Traditional Dol belts were worn around the waist as a wish for longevity and wealth by hanging 12 pockets symbolizing the twelve months. Lastly, a hogan, which means “a tiger hat,” was worn with the desire to be a brave and intelligent child like a tiger.

A baby girl’s traditional Dol hanbok included a fine scarlet skirt, a colored jacket, and a sugar coat. For the baby girl’s head was a hat called “Jobawi”. Baby girls too wore dol belts.

What are Modern Dol Hanboks?

Modern hanboks are not too much different than the standard traditional dol hanbok. However, Dol hanboks now come in different styles, colors, and accessories. Some hanboks have embroidery of animals, traditional Korean patterns, and Korean characters whereas others are plain. The embroidery are also located in different parts of the Dol hanbok such as, the collar, centrally located in the middle of the vest, spread throughout the vest, and on the pants.

Hanbok stores like Joteta provide baby boy hanboks and baby girl hanboks in a ton of different styles and colors and shows a good example of the kind of modern dol hanboks that you can expect in the present time. The embroidery on each dol hanbok is also based on the current fashion trend.

The primary difference between a modern dol hanbok and traditional dol hanbok is the color of the jeogori. Modern hanboks have jeogoris that do not have colorful stripes and come in plain white.

What are Some Dol Accessories?

Some Dol accessories that go with Hanboks are Dol belts and Dol hats. Dol belts come in a variety of styles from various traditional models to modern models. The traditional dol belts have bands on the side that represent blessings to the baby whereas the modern belts do not have bands and replace the main band of the dol belt with a thin string.

Dol hats are primarily the same as traditional hats but with more color options.

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