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By on June 27, 2013

When you visit Coronado, you’ll find an array of great outdoor activities to do to enjoy the summer sun. The Coronado Beach Buggy and Welcome Wagon begins its inaugural Summer Season today with 45-minute Discovery Tour Adventures aboard a totally-fun, seven-passenger, Tiki-style golf cart.

 “I saw a true Island Paradise I never knew existed!” said one of the first Beach Buggy riders during the June soft opening – when more than 750 riders filled the Buggy for trial runs of the signature, “Coronado Island Discovery Tour Adventure.”

 An outpouring of best wishes and hearty waves greets the Beach Buggy at almost every corner.  One Coronado resident said, “I love seeing that golf cart pass by – it’s so cute!”  A local business owner agreed, “I’ve seen the buggy slow down going by my shop – it’s always full of happy campers.”

 The Discovery Tour Adventure aboard the Coronado Beach Buggy is a journey down beautiful tree-lined streets and spectacular boulevards.  The tour allows the City of Coronado to unfold in a slow, easy fashion – beginning with a ride up First Street – past homes of all ages and designs.  Then, a slow left turn onto Alameda Blvd and Buggy Riders are given a sneak peek of huge ships and the entrance to Naval Air Station North Island.

 Traveling along Alameda, visitors are amazed at the unique and varied architectural styles and gorgeous trees and flowers.  After a run down a side street or two, the Beach Buggy makes a dramatic turn onto Ocean Blvd amid the audible gasps from some riders who see Coronado’s “World’s Best Beach” for the first time.   All tours include “Inside Info” on what to do and see in Coronado San Diego.

 Beach Buggy driver and co-owner, Tony Perri, hears it all, “I never get tired of listening to our guests ‘oooh and aaah’ over Coronado’s amazing views, homes, hotels and outstanding shops and restaurants.”

With the awesome Hotel Del majestically rising in the distance down Ocean Blvd, the Beach Buggy soon begins the second half of the Discovery Tour with an historic ride up R.H. Dana Pl, passing the Hotel and then turning left onto Orange Ave for a fun-filled ride through Downtown.  “We also tell people a little about the wonderful stores and restaurants – as well as what special events happening in town,” said Perri.  “It’s all about community for us.  It’s such a pleasure to showcase Coronado in this peaceful way – as it gives people a true sense of the City and what it’s really like to live, work and play here.” When you visit Coronado San Diego you’ll see the spirit of good times and a life well lived everywhere you go.

 The tour caps off with panoramic views of the gleaming San Diego Skyline and Big Bay as the Beach Buggy travels to the great shops and restaurants at the Ferry Landing – and then on to the breath-taking views of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge at Tidelands Park.

 With more historic tours coming soon and a special “Haunted Coronado” adventure this Fall, The Coronado Beach Buggy and Welcome Wagon is set to provide tons of fun and useful information for thousands of visitors and residents of all ages.

 A seat for the Discovery Tour Adventure is only $10.  For groups of four or more it’s just $5 each.  The Beach Buggy is available for private tours and special events.  Reservations are required and the roundtrip Discovery Tour departure points vary depending on the location of the guests.

 Contact the Coronado Beach Buggy and Welcome Wagon for special deals if you’re a local business owner or resident – and wish to provide private tour packages for your customers or guests, or if you want to visit Coronado and enjoy the fun, this is the thing for you to do. See you on the boardwalk.

 For reservations and more information, call, text or click:

(619) 952-0440


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