What An Investment Manager Needs To Know

By on March 29, 2019
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There is an increasing array of web tools available for virtually every industry you can think of. Finance, marketing, and even the logistics industry have been turned on their head in recent years thanks to advances in AI and technology.

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Relationships Still Trump Technology When It Comes to Working With an Investment Manager

Most modern investors rely upon online apps and, as beneficial as technological innovations prove to be, they are not a complete end solution for the long-term investor.

Finding the right advisor or expert to guide your financial endeavors is still imperative to a long-term investment strategy. And, relationships are still the key to establishing a transparent relationship between an investment manager and a client.

The Importance of Transparency and Communication

Transparent business practices are fundamental to capital preservation and risk management. Patience and discipline support transparency for the kind of slow, steady growth that is sustainable.

Investors need to develop relationships with their trusted institutions. This is why face-to-face meetings with personal investment managers remains the #1 choice.

Not all institutions are governed by a systemic-first approach and some financial enterprises understand the importance of interpersonal communication and invest in dynamics that assist in knowing their clients better.

Craig O’Neill of Hilton Capital Management explains the need to search out an investment manager who has experience, discipline, integrity and a strong investment process that will succeed in any market dynamic.  “There are three constants within our industry,” he says. “Constant change, constantly being under pressure to produce results and extremely (constantly)  competitive. In order to be successful, investment management firms need to efficiently adapt to the ever changing landscape, both on the investment side and the business side of the equation.”

Developing Relationships for Long-Term Success

Business relationships built through face-to-face encounters yield several well-known and intangible advantages. Some of the known benefits of face-to-face relationships between managers and investors include:

  • clear and concise communication
  • thorough understanding
  • active management
  • direct access
  • flexibility
  • assured compliance
  • comprehensive risk management
  • security
  • thoughtfulness

The better the communication between investors and managers the more room for growth. Simply, thoroughly understanding a specified plan and client history offers more in terms of preparation for long-term investing success.

This also improves active management of unforeseeable market activity and aids in aligning the more intangible aspects of investment. Flexibility is key. Providing direct access in conjunction with close relationships puts the investor in the jump seat next to the portfolio manager. Compliance and security is ensured through relationships that grow alongside portfolios.

An agile investment approach to risk management consistently remains ahead of technological innovation and market developments.

What An Investment Manager Needs To Know #stockmarket #portfolio #investing #invest #money #rsfmag #ranchosantafemagazine

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The Client-First Approach

The power of thoughtful portfolio management is often overlooked, but O’Neill explains why the firm must be aligned with the client’s needs.

It can be achieved by pairing investors with appropriate strategies. “We’re not interested in hugging benchmarks, he said.  “We actively seek out opportunities and seize them.”

The company understands that managing through market volatility requires patient, yet nimble, attention to details. Sound equities, diversified fixed assets, and cash support opportunistic market moves. This strategy aids in mitigating emotions through equity exposure for rotating out of cyclicals and into defensive sectors.

The Right Strategy

Long-term investors gain more from the right strategies than from financial apps and tools. If the technology sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Especially when it comes to finances.

It is important to find a trustworthy institution to forge strong relationships. This is only achievable through face-to-face communication. Having people on your side in today’s competitive market is an invaluable asset.

Your trusted team supports a growing portfolio from beginning to end. They will be there to advise you through risk mitigation and the preservation of wealth. An investment team proves to be the best option over time.

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